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A little worried about my ride through

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    A little worried about my ride through

    So I did a ride through for my lease. I never signed any reaffirmation agreement. During the BK process I could not login to their website and they were not reporting anything on my credit report, no updates.

    However in the past few days they have updated my credit report with the most recent payments and listed the account as "Pays as agreed" and I can now login to their website. I am also getting calls from them about a late payment.

    My two main concerns are they might report a late on my report which would suck after the BK. Also that I am almost over my miles and I had a year left on the lease and i was going to turn it in, in a few months and buy something else.

    How can I confirm I am on the ride through and once they turn this in they wont report it late on me and just IIB.

    There was a recent thread about this very thing:

    "...I was not responsible for any damages or excessive wear and tear even though the car was in perfect condition. It was the simplest transaction ever..."
    Filed Chapter 7 July 2010
    Attended 341 September 2010
    Discharged November 2010 Closed November 2010


      I guess a more direct question would be how did the auto loan report on peoples credit report while they were in the ride through?


        when you do a ride through it wont report on your credit and will show account included in BK. Anyways, I would suggest, like 99% of other memebers here, not to do a reaffirmation. I was about to and am very glad I didn't as I decided that I couldn't afford the payment anymore. I was fortunate enough that my father felt my pain and went out and purchased me a new car cash money. This too could happen to you. Goodluck with your fresh start!
        9/22/2009 - officially filed chapter 7
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        01/04/2010 - last day for objections
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          I did not reaffirm. I was discharged in Dec, however my auto in question is showing as "Pays as agreed", that is what worries me.


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