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Chap 7 D/C in 4/10, investment property sold 6/10, have heard nothing?

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    Chap 7 D/C in 4/10, investment property sold 6/10, have heard nothing?

    Hi all,

    I'm new and not very savvy about this bankruptcy stuff. My husband and I filed chapter 7 in Sept of 09, and our b/k was discharged in 4 of 2010.
    We gave up not only our primary residence (which had two mortgages and was way upside down) but also our investment property. Worth close to 400k, the bankruptcy court sold it for 120k. The sale took place 6/20/10.
    We owned this investment property free and clear, but we did have a substantial IRS obligation, so we asked them to lien the investment property well before the sale. They did so, but have not received their money and now are liening our only form of income, my husband's social security. This leaves us with exactly $1500 per month to live on, and we are drowning again already. I just sent a letter off to the trustee (and about a month ago my husband talked with the trustee's accountant, who confirmed that 53k had been set aside for the IRS)
    My question is, the sale took place seven months ago, why haven't our funds been forwarded? Shouldn't we be getting some kind of report? How long does this process typically take? Again, the property was free and clear, mortgage paid off. We are frustrated beyond belief. Our bankruptcy lawyer won't even talk to us anymore. Does anybody have any advice?
    Thanks in advance,

    Everything will be dispersed right before your case closes, and then you will receive your final report. It is a frustrating thing, having to wait, but bk is a process that runs its course. Patience..... it will happen.
    All information contained in this post is for informational and amusement purposes only.
    Bankruptcy is a process, not an event.......


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