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Interviewing another Attorney. Any suggested questions?

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    Interviewing another Attorney. Any suggested questions?

    Hey all,

    I'm interviewing another attorney tomorrow to see if they can take my case as a Non-consumer vs. consumer.
    Any good questions to ask?

    The reason I ask is because the first guy I talked to didn't even mention non-consumer as an option and I didn't know anything about it either.

    I'm all ears..

    Hi cofer,

    On the consumer/non-consumer, ask what are the advantages and requirements for each.

    Not sure if I posted this in another thread...the list of the major attorney complaints on the forum

    Communication: phone/email/face-to-face, secretary/paralegal/attorney, turnaround time on responses
    Organizaton/work ethic: dot all i's, cross all t's or 'good enough,' document filed ASAP or 'before the deadline'
    Competence: know the local trustees, judges, filed cases like yours, up-to-date on relevant court rulings
    Retainer/Fee: exactly what is covered, what is extra, what to expect as 'extra'

    Good luck, hold out until you find a "good fit"

    Tom in Colo
    Ch7 filed 5/12/2010.....341 meeting 6/30/ of no distribution 8/15/2010.....discharged 10/01/2010.....closed 11/09/2010


      So I interviewed the lawyer and asked all the questions. Will not be going with that firm. They didn't even know the difference between Non-consumer vs. consumer chapter 7. When I mentioned it they kind of looked at me funny, and said, "you mean chapter 11 right?". The alarms went right off. YOU GUYS DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING. GET OUT, GET OUT.....I humored them for a few minutes talking and drinking their suprisingly good coffee.
      Lesson learned.

      Interview them, don't let them dictate the discussion. Make the attorneys show you that they are competent and can help you. These people couldn't help me.

      I've got another meeting on Wednsday.


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