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Grad school/ scholarship pre-req class needed. Ok to pay?

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    Grad school/ scholarship pre-req class needed. Ok to pay?

    Hey everybody..

    Here's my conundrum.....I'm trying to get a scholarship for a Grad school program that I'm applying to. The problem is that I need a to take a class to qualify for both. The application process is July 1,2011, and the class is about 10 weeks long. Close, close....
    We're going to our intake meeting with the Lawyer next week for our Non-consumer case.
    Do you think it's safe to pay the $500 it's going to cost for the class while we're drawing down our account? I spoke to the Paralegal and she said that "you'd be bettering your future financial position, and Xxxxx(attny) could probably get that by the trustee, but better to check with my him" . He hasn't responded back to me and will be out of town till next week. Hopefully he checks his emails.

    Kinda stressed about it. I'd love to try to get that scholarship. Full ride Masters in Medical Informatics would be pretty sweet coming out of BK...
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    You gotta do what you gotta do. Doesn't sound too luxurious to me.
    I am taking classes at the local university in order to buy affordable health insurance. An attorney told me not to worry about it ( it's a little more than what you are paying) I will go mano a mano on this if it comes down to it.

    Good luck, I hope you get your free ride!

    Keep On Smilin'


      I am in school right now. The only thing the trustee did was ask me is where I spent the left over loan money and tax refund. I said I paid for my summer session of classes, my lawyer, and tires on my car to get me back on for to school and work. He was fine with that. By the way my summer session for school that year was 1100 dollars. As long as you are not blowing your money on luxury items you should be okay. Also make sure to run the amount by your lawyer if you can get in touch with him.
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        You won't have a problem. In fact you are currently working towards your "new start" in an active manner. This may even impress the Trustee. Now if you paid it with a CC, that might not fly. LOL. Keep up the good work and learn a lot for the future. 'Hub
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