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Residency and Exemptions Question

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    Residency and Exemptions Question

    I think I know the answer but I am hoping to confirm...

    1) Lived in MD for 20 plus years

    2) Moved to FL 8/2010 BUT used a temp change of address to a mail forwarding service. So, technically, I am still a MD resident.

    3) We have decided to stay in FL and will be doing a perm change of address in March 2011 and getting a FL drivers license.

    From what I am reading, FL has terrible exemptions (and doesn't allow fed exemptions). If I were to file in the next month or two would I have to go back to MD? I am certainly prepared to do that but would rather not.

    I "think" I need to be here for 180 days to file in FL but use MD exemptions. Are there any pitfalls in doing so?

    It's all so confusing!
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    You only have to be in FL for 91 days (the better part of the last 180) to file in FL. That being said you need to make sure you can use MD exemptions. Some states won't allow former residents to use their exemptions. In that case you can use the federal exemptions which from what I have read are better than FL's. You need to find out what if any MD exemptions you are allowed to use. On this website you can do a bit of research to see what happens if you file in FL and decide which exemptions you can use. Better still, I'd check with a few attorneys in MD under their free consults and see if you can use MD's if you file elsewhere and I'd also check with FL attorneys. Good luck.


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