Our last mortgage payment was in 2012 and the foreclosure was filed in South Florida in late 2013. It has been 8 months since the last filing on the case.

We're the last of our family remaining in this state and are very much looking forward to moving up closer to the rest of our family. Our plan to sit in the house and save has been nice, but now family issues are causing us to feel the need to move ASAP instead of continuing to enjoy this rent free life here.

So my main question is; is there any way for me to speed up the foreclosure? This has been discussed before, but not since the new Florida foreclosure law was passed to speed up the foreclosure process. With the window for us to object long sense passed, it seems like all that is needed is a motion for summary judgement to get the ball rolling. Ocwen's law firm's stance is basically that they'll get to it when they get to it. Can anybody file it? Could I perhaps get the HOA to file it, or even hire a lawyer (or even go pro se) to file it myself? Are there other options to speed it along?

Since I've already completed my BK, I can't afford to skip HOA payments to get them to foreclosure separately.

If there isn't a decent way to speed it up, should I be as worried as I am about liability when it comes to walking away? Our homeowners insurance is still active, through March 2015 (they've renewed it unchanged since we stopped paying), and paid by the escrow account that the bank is now responsible for. I fear that the moment they become aware of our having walked away, they'll cancel that policy and get one that doesn't protect us from liability if somebody does something stupid here after we're long gone. An umbrella policy is just as useless, since they require the main policy to be in effect. I haven't been able to find any other insurance option to CYA. Am I being paranoid? You always hear about people walking away and I've never actually heard about the type of issue I'm worried about, have you?

Any insights are, as always, much appreciated!