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Will the IRS know I filed bk?

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    Hello to everyone concerned about the IRS and taxes! I'm a bit confused, too, though I believe that unless you receive some kind of 1099 form from some creditor, there is no need for concern for reporting anything to the IRS about a bankruptcy. Am I correct on this? I mean, I'm an individual with NO real assets (buildings, vehicles, stocks. bonds, other investments, etc.). From what I understand,

    I filed chapter 7 earlier last year in April that included credit card debt, BUT also my house and attached (land) property, and was completely discharged (no assets) in August. I had no real assets, just my personal stuff (clothes, hand-me-down stuff, etc.) AND my 6 y.o. car (saved since it fell below the limit). Unless I missed something, only a BK Trustee files taxes on assets such as houses, properties, investments, etc. Individuals just file a regular 1040 form after the discharge is complete, no write-offs!

    If I missed something, let me know please. :]
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      The IRS knows all. They don't even have to be notified. They just... know.

      Filed Chapter 7: 8/24/2010. Discharged: 12/01/2010
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