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Health Insurance Discussion

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  • Originally posted by HRx View Post
    Privately operated health insurance is already a mess. This unrealistic fear of "government" control doesn't make any sense. People have this false idea that privatization of an organization will have the best interests of people at hand, which is completely untrue. Health Care is a major, major money making business, and a lot of big wigs money is a risk if health insurance is improved to start paying out for coverage versus denying everything to keep growing their bottom line. Obama's initiative to instigate, review and discuss health care reform is the one of the best social interest initiative we've seen over the past eight years. It's definitely better than the wasteful, "War on Terror" move.

    The status quo is the worse thing that can be down with health insurance situation right now. Is a universal or government operated insurance the answer? Not necessarily, but across the board reform is needed sooner rather than later.
    I heartily agree. The current health care reform bill is a boondoggle, imho, that will force millions of new customers into the waiting arms of a largely unregulated industry. This bill was written by lobbyists for big pharma and insurance companies.

    The good news? The senate version included a state 'opt out' provision, provided the state meets certain guidelines. States can create their own plans, including single payer or public option plans, in lieu of the federal plan. The earliest such plans could be put into effect is 2017. Groups in CA are already working on getting this done after Arnie is out of office.

    The CA state legislature has introduced not one, but TWO, public option plans during the Governator's tenure, and he vetoed them both. If the next Governor is a Democrat, CA could very well wind up with a solid public option for health care.


    • The public option is the only choice at this point. At one time smaller clinics and hospitals and independants doctors could have worked, but not now. Today we have far too much big business/insurance/politics that is driving the costs. Like the stock market that now is a huge casino of betting instead of investing in America.


      • Go to Wickipedia, folks, for the ultimate comprehensive explanation of Gobama's health care bills. You'll be suprised, for one, to see details that were not reported in the mainstream media, and also you'll be scared.




          • Well I am also a strong votary of Obama Care, so to say.I think it has been devised by him with true intentions and with his heart in the right place. Infact every step Obama is taking are consistent with the high ideals and positive changes he promised to bring.
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            • Originally posted by goodyphilips View Post
              Well I am also a strong votary of Obama Care, so to say.I think it has been devised by him with true intentions and with his heart in the right place. Infact every step Obama is taking are consistent with the high ideals and positive changes he promised to bring.
              So how are his policies working for you? and by the way which flavor of Kool-Aid do you prefer?

              I won't start on specifics, but I certainly could!

              The man ran center left and his policies are extreme socialist, the man is just another lying politician IMHO.
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              • Well my policies have always with met since quite some time.I was talking about his intentions and i find him truthful and nice hearted man, a man with some ideals sitting on the presidency after long long time.
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                • Here in NJ, the self-employed are really screwed when it comes to this topic. One of the reasons we are broke is that we had been paying a mortgage every month for coverage. The state plan that we were hoping to get on was smashed to bits last year when our people-loving governor took over... anyway, I came across an interesting idea..

                  One reason we have been stalling on BK is due to not having ins anymore. Had to finally let it go when our savings disappeared between that and cc payments, it was over 3500/mo we didn't have.

                  I recently learned that if I/we go back to college- even for a 1-credit class- we can get reasonably priced (for NJ anyway) insurance! Even with the cost of school this works out to a fraction of what we were paying before. Plus I can learn something useful, have free or cheap gym membership, etc.

                  I REALLY wish I had known this years ago, I would not be in the postion I am in today. This after MANY fruitless discussions with counselors and congress people, and finally came across it in a web search.

                  Oh and btw in NJ there do not seem to be any options for joining groups either- not the bar, not the Chamber of
                  Commerce, not AARP, NOTHING.

                  If someone knows something I don't, please fill me in!

                  Keep On Smilin'


                  • Hi---keepsmiling---you just gave me an idea about the school/insurance connection.
                    I'm having to give up my current healthcare---comprehensive---which is part of the
                    reason that I did a bk/C7---the premiums were astronomical---now up to $1132/mo.
                    I'm in my early 60's---33 months to go to Medicare---with pre-existing conditions---
                    and the company that I was with for 30-plus years wouldn't accomodate me.

                    Now I'm trying to get back on my feet after C7---like saving money and paying a
                    few other bills---and watching the proverbial pennies---so where can you turn---
                    at my age and with pre-exists---besides school?---since I've been shopping until
                    I just about dropped from the emotional stress---and I'm fully flummoxed at this point.

                    Any other places to turn?


                    • Feelingnutsy.
                      I was hoping that my post might help someone!
                      Stupid question, but can you explain "Nunavut"?
                      Our insurance went up to 1400 for two of us. No dental, no vision, no can do anymore, C7 here we come.
                      Depends on your state really as to your options. In NJ they have a special pool for folks with pre-existing conditions. In other states if you belong to a Chamber of Commerce or many other kinds of groups there are group options available. Have you tried AARP? Asked about state initiatives? Truly the school deal is a pretty good one, you can take something fun or something career-related (we are both doing some Phys Ed classes) Sent in the payment and crossing fingers that all goes well-- if I can help you, feel free to pm me. Keep me posted, good luck!

                      eta: I don't know how pre-exists would fit into all of this. Worth asking some questions tho.
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                      Keep On Smilin'


                      • Hello!
                        according to me Health affliction in the United States is provided by abounding abstracted acknowledged entities. Bloom affliction accessories are abundantly endemic and operated by the clandestine sector. Bloom allowance is now primarily provided by the government in the accessible sector, with 60-65% of healthcare accouterment and spending advancing from programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, the Children's Bloom Allowance Program, and the Veterans Bloom Administration. Most of the citizenry beneath 65 is insured by an employer, some buy bloom allowance on their own, and the butt are uninsured.
                        Thank you!


                        • Blooming SPAM alert.

                          Keep On Smilin'


                          • I can't wait for Obamacare!! </sarcasm>
                            Happily accepting help and advice from any and all helpers


                            • Originally posted by scbendel View Post
                              I can't wait for Obamacare!!
                              Me neither. Currently, I'm having insurance with Florida Blue. I never filed any claim with them. My premium on 2-1 was $111.00/month. On 3-1, it went up to $128.00/month. Today, I was notified it will go up on 9-1 to $157.00/month. That's an increase of 41% over 7 months! Are they serious???

                              Somebody must stop this theft ASAP!
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                              • Yeah, mine goes up annually. As does the list of things they don't cover anymore. Same provider.
                                Happily accepting help and advice from any and all helpers


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