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    Blueshield of California

    I currently have Blueshield of California for my medical insurance provider. The policy was issued around Febuary of 2011. At that time we were given the opportunity to add life insurance but choose not to. Now, almost a year later would like to add it but we are confused of the process.
    I asked Blueshield if it would still be available to us they sent me an email with a link to click which took me a form called Evidence of Insurability individiual insurance. It says this enrollment form is for: New coverage or existing.. Also says evidence required because: Late enrollment of increasing coverage. What is the underwriting process for this? I mean is it the same as say somewhere else other than the same company who is my medical insurance provider? Will they send out a nurse to draw blood, etc. I'm looking for specifics.


    I don't know anything about your particular carrier, but I have bought individual life insurance for myself and my husband and yes- they did indeed send a nurse out to the house. It was not our health insurance company.

    There is a whole long list of questions (do you smoke? do you skydive? are your parents alive and if not, what did they die of?). When you're reasonably young they seem more concerned with accident-type things and dangerous lifestyles and sports. The nurse took blood and urine samples. On my husband she did an EKG.

    They use all this to quote you a price for the insurance.

    BUT, I will say that we were buying quite a lot of insurance (over half a million for each of us) and I don't know how extensive the process is if you are buying less.

    I hope this helps! I no longer have those policies, so I guess I will be finding out if the process is different now.
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      Lorrie? Does your employer have Open Enrollment? If so, you can typically sign up for it without evidence of insurability at that time.
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