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Affordable Health Care is too risky for me!

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    Affordable Health Care is too risky for me!

    I've been without healthcare for nearly two years. I won't qualify for Medicare until age 66, another year and a half. I looked at the healthcare site today. I do qualify for subsidized, however, I have absolutely no idea what my 2014 income will be. I'm on SS, but started a part-time job the end of Oct. I'm not so concerned about taking a hit on SS if my additional income goes over the allowed amount.

    The kicker with the health insurance, is if you underestimate your 2014 income, you could be responsible to repay the subsidy that's over and above what it should have been, which could amount to thousands. My weekly pay can vary from 0 to $6-700, and I'm fine with that as far as managing my finances. (I've been poor so long, anything extra every week is a bonus! And, I like having 'down' time - no apologies for my laziness, I worked my butt off most of my life.)

    Anyway, say I pay $35/mo. For a semi-useless policy ($2700 ded., $6700 max, co-pay 50% after ded. is met.) So thats $425 versus a $95-285 penalty for no ins. I would be OK with that, I just think it's too risky for me to take a wild guess at my income and either pay too much for something I'd be better off paying cash for (an occasional doctor's visit,) or pay something reasonable and find out later I made more than I thought I would. And, in case anyone is wondering, there is no one to ask for an income guesstimate. I work from home, rarely communicate with anyone from the company, and even if I did, everyone who does what I do has a widely-swinging weekly pay.

    Frankly, if something catastrophic happened, unless I'm in a coma, it's put a band-aid on it and send me home, and even if it were the former, there's nothing for anyone to take.

    Oh, and from what I can determine, if you over-estimate your income, you don't exactly get a refund.

    I guess I'm taking my chances that I make it to 66 without incident.

    Isn't 65 the age you qualifyfor medicare?


      Hi Keepmine, it used to be 65, for those born before 1943. It's 67 if you are born 1960 or later.


        That's not what the ss website says?


          Dang! You are certainly right. I almost didn't post my rant, now I'm glad I did. Thank you.

          Can't read anymore insurance gobbledygook tonite - my head is spinning. Bookmarked it for later.


            Glad I could help. Us "old" folks gotta stick together!


              I am in exactly the same boat
              but with a few more years than you to qualify for Medicare.
              I guess if you reach a certain income you just stop working. ?
              Rocks and hard places.

              Keep On Smilin'


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