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Extension On Various Timelines

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    Extension On Various Timelines

    For the past year, I've been dealing with very serious health issues that have almost left me completely disabled. That, combined with the hiring of a new CEO for one of my companies left me no option but to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy to try and get some breathing room. Ran a very successful business generating millions a year of revenue, but after the new CEO and me starting a new venture, the guy nearly destroyed the business and we had to terminate the entire staff and I am working desperately to recover the business after he left it millions of dollars in debt. All that said, for the past year I have been dealing with very severe health issues that have left me nearly completely disabled. I have seen at least 30 specialists and spent a week at a major medical school all without a diagnosis. In the coming month I will be going to Harvard Medical School, they have a specialized program for cases like mine whereby they may be able to help as no doctor seems to be able to find a solution, short of that, I will be completely bed ridden. Now I am convinced assuming I can get better that I will be able to recover my business and turn things around. It was a Chapter 11 Individual Bankruptcy filed in NV pro se. Now I have a meeting coming up with the analyst, a number of documents due in 7 days and a creditors meeting. What form do I need to file to get an extension on the analyst meeting, extension on the documents and extension of the stay? I believe the extension allows for 45 days on the documents and an on-site extension of the creditors meeting but I need at least a month or two so that I can get my health issues in order. I can't seem to locate the forms necessary to file the various extensions and believe that considering my health matters which I can clearly document that an extension on the stay and variations documents and meetings would be more than warranted. Any advice would be appreciated.

    You really need the assistance of counsel. There are very, very, very few successful pro se Chapter 11 cases. As to your question, you would have to check to see if there are any local forms. Sounds like you want to continue the following:

    1. Deadline to supply the completed packet to the UST
    2. The Initial Debtor Exam (IDI) with the UST Analyst
    3. The 341 Meeting
    4. The Chapter 11 status hearing that the judge, by now, has set (depending upon local procedure) and which may or may not be the same day as the 341 meeting

    Items 1 and 2 are accomplished by calling the analyst, explaining the situation and working out new deadline and date.

    Item 3 is accomplished by contacting the UST attorney assigned to your case and setting up a new date. You will then have to draft, file and mail to all creditors a Notice of Continued 341 Meeting, unless the UST will do it for you.

    Item 4 is accomplished by filing a Motion to Continue Chapter 11 Status Hearing along with an Order for the judge to sign. Once signed, unless the Clerk of the Court will do it, you will have to notice the Order to all creditors.

    Of course, the above is standard in Arizona. It may be a bit different in Nevada but I think you get the idea. I am sure you can find a sample Motion to Continue with a Google search.

    Again, you really need an attny.



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