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Tip: Use courtlistener to find filings to study

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    Tip: Use courtlistener to find filings to study

    I found and found it great resource to look up how other people have filled out their BK7 forms. Their entire application is posted with full text search.

    Here is an example of one just filing

    Steps to take:

    1- start at
    2- click on 'Select Jurisdictions', then click clear all
    3- click on Bankruptcy tab, then find your district court. click apply
    4- in Document Description type 'Chapter 7 Voluntary Petition for Individuals" (include quotes)
    5- sort results by relevance, newest documents, or newest case

    Now you have a trove of filings you can study to see how they are filled out.

    By using the text search, you can further drill down. For example, a search for 'macbook', returns this hit

    In this manner you can search for examples of different nuisances for your case.
    This may even be a good way to get attorney referrals...just find cases that have closed successfully, who represented them, and how much they charged them (free quote!!)

    Note: this website has data that is older than the pacer one. And not all documents are available. But its free and you can search really nicely

    Last edited by bornfree2; 04-20-2021, 02:11 AM.

    EDIT: For these options, you want to search "RECAP" on not the main site

    Also you do not have to limit your search to just your BK court. Select them all

    (i cant edit the original post for some reason)
    Last edited by bornfree2; 04-20-2021, 07:47 AM.


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