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2nd, ADDITIONAL INSURANCE POLICY upon vehicle transfer ?

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    2nd, ADDITIONAL INSURANCE POLICY upon vehicle transfer ?

    My wife wants to transfer a vehicle into her name only. Presently it has the 'or' (either one of us) on the title.

    As this would than put 2 vehicles into her name, and leave non in my name,
    she called the insurance agent today to find out if she needed to have the policy, which presently is in both of our names, re written under those circumstance....

    She was told :...' that yes, a new policy in my wife's name needs to be written, and because we are living together ANOTHER, a 2nd policy would have to be taken out in my name only, to cover for bodily injuries'..........WHAT ?? PAY FOR TWO POLICIES ????

    She was told that there would be 'no way around it'.......?????!!!!!...UNLESS: I sign a statement that I would not drive any of her vehicles........

    Anybody here has knowledge about insurance ?

    I recall 'Martha 31's wife transferred a vehicle, how was the issue of insurance handled in that case ?

    Input & suggestions needed, Thanks

    I would call another insurance company. There shouldn't be any reason you can't be listed as a driver on her policy.


      That insurance company is rooking you around. As SunshineGal suggests, have the wife go to another company. Or if you and your wife have a long history with this company, go into their local office and camp out until you get a decent rate.

      Good luck!
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        We use geico. They let me add my brother as a drive. No more money and he just got his license back after a no insurance susp. They said if he became the primary it would go up. But you can be on it as a driver for nothing. My dad is on my moms and he has no license


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