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    New Job

    I know this question has been asked before but I want to be clear. My husband and I will be filing bankruptcy within the next 2 weeks. Meeting with lawyer in the morning to retain her and get direction for what next steps will be exactly. I am wondering what happens if he or I get a new job after filing and especially if the new job entails a higher salary. I have been looking for months and will have an interview soon. I am wondering at what point in the bankruptcy process is it okay to get new employment. We will be filing chapter 7.

    Anytime after filing should be fine. However, you may be asked at your 341 Meeting if your financial situation has changed. In most districts, it doesn't matter if you started a new job before the 341 Meeting, however if you were in a well compensated job before filing and you took another well compensated job shortly after filing, the US Trustee (UST) may take a closer look.

    For most people just tell your attorney. Remember, you don't have a new job until you actually start working. A job offer is not a job. If you start before filing then it could affect what the Trustee/UST sees when you file your paystubs.
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