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L'il Car

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  • L'il Car

    Had to get the wife a small vehicle for the new job. It is an '05 Jetta GLS. The Van exceeds the hieght restriction for the garage. I think it is a weight issue, they don't want large vehicles? There goes a piece of the raise. I have been looking at them for several years, wanted a German made TDI but to mucho $$$$$.
    We got it at 8%, that was 100% or 80%, same we put 20% down. I hope it is good on gas.

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    Looks good!
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      Originally posted by robivi3 View Post
      Had to get the wife a small vehicle for the new job. It is an '05 Jetta GLS. The Van exceeds the hieght restriction for the garage. I think it is a weight issue, they don't want large vehicles? There goes a piece of the raise. I have been looking at them for several years, wanted a German made TDI but to mucho $$$$$.
      We got it at 8%, that was 100% or 80%, same we put 20% down. I hope it is good on gas.
      We have a parking garage here in town I could not take my truck into. Too tall. Also too wide for the parking spaces, AND too long as well. It's like they're building parking garages intentionally smaller these days.

      I know more people drive smaller cars these days. But still, what about Vendors and Contractors??!!

      Seems like there's always some hidden expense with a new job. Something you don't count on. I feel your pain there, Robivi.

      Hope it works out for you and lasts a long, long time!!
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      Another good thing about being poor is that when you are seventy your children will not have declared you legally insane in order to gain control of your estate. - Woody Allen...


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        The truck is paid for and still in very nice shape. The Van has payments. Just not certain as to the fate of the truck yet. I didn't want her in the Truck as it has 103,000 miles. Nothing has broken down on it yet. But 125k is standard breakdown time for a Trans. (3 or 4k) and other things. It scares me to think of her getting stuck on the road at 6:30 or later.

        The garage issue I don't get, it is 12 or 15 feet high with a foam bumper that says max 6'8". Could it somehow be a McVeigh/911 issue? Or is it weight?
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          Nice VW. What I want to see is a pic of this 12 or 15 foot tall van you have. Sounds like some kind of freak of nature mobile.


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            No, the garage is 12 or 15 feet tall with a foam bumper that reads "max clearance 6'8", not the vehicle. The vehicle is 7'6" high.


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              A real man would have moved to where there are no foam thingys hanging for hundreds of miles...

              pv34pv3p(Kinda ironic that civilization begins to decay in the city first...)
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                Nice ride,

                And, robiVi3 will always be a real man to us.....regardless.

                pv, As a "Straussian," modern tyranny will lead from stagnant experience, down to the so-called "last man." Society will eventually become uninteresting as it is permeated by technology and science and the generalized level of education stalls. Tocqueville wrote about it, and anticipated this for all democratic societies. Nietzsche screams against it. Strauss holds out hope for some rebellion, for acts of courage or honor to reverse the trend of this tyranny. For Strauss, decay and tyranny is a problem in the modern sense, not for the ancients.

                Let us hope for the best, if there is such a thing.

                P.S. I hope you did not think you were the only warrior/philosopher amongst us...and remember, you cannot go back into "the cave." Your out now....


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                    I LOVE IT......!

                    The Slow Chase of OJ...

                    Nietzsche would have been proud! I can imagine Friedrich fuming over the specticle of it all, screaming at the top of his lungs, spittle spewing from his lips " the overman, the overman!!!!" "....urge to freedom, urge to freedom!!!!"

                    Excuse me while I giggle.



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                      all in fun folks, I can't fit in the thing but she loves it!


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                        I'm sorry robi...

                        I did not mean to hijack your thread...

                        Sometimes I get excited when a fellow surfer shows interest/knowledge in philosophy...

                        My bad....

                        I kinda like your wife's new car...admittedly, I probably could not fit in it either.

                        I have friends that say their TDI has been very reliable, and really great on fuel economy. They had some issue with the A/C or something, but I understand it was fixed in a timely manner.

                        Next raise, put that money to work for you.

                        We all gotta have cars, so we do the best we can to get good ones and fair financing.


                        Best regards,



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                          PV, no offense of any kind taken. My wife was absent from legal work while raising the kids, 20 years. Now she is putting her career back on track. The immediate salary and benefits increase made the car purchase miniscule in scale, so to speak. It is more than significant. 22 days of annual leave per year, 13 sick days, 10 holidays and several family Ins. plans at no cost and she is back in the Florida Retirement System, the largest, safest, most well fed pension plan in the US which she was in 20 years ago and I have been in for 25 years. I work for the Govt. also but have to pay heavy for family Ins. Right now we are both at a point where it is more important to chase benefits than money, she turned down more $$$ and guarrateed raises on her former job. It was part time, when she had the folks from the new job call the old one they offered her FT, 2$ an hour more. She turned them down nicely. Last week they gave her a going away party. It is a small company, it's the kind of people they are, good people. She will miss them, it was very convenient and flexible but time to go.

                          The other blessing is that I can cut down on OT, I have done alot of it over the years. I work on antiquated computers on Rail Systems, some of the work is inside, much is on the massive heatsinks and IO devices underneath, after 25 years on dense concrete designed to hold 150 ton car consists I am ready to take a break! Just the fact that I can switch her and the kids to her Ins. will cut my expenses by about $500.00 per month.

                          But then they are prepping to contract out some overhaul to a private firm. The problem is that private companies tend to deliver horrible quality and we end up having to work more OT to straighten out the messes these companies create. The first few come in perfect, once the money flows they fire the expensive workers, hire $12.00 an hour crap labor and the workmanship is horrible. In 25 years I have seen only afew private firms deliver quality, mostly run by a single person at the helm who has pride. Your inhouse rebuilds tend to be more thorough but right now we are short on manpower due to alot of projects.
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                            I sold Big Red, it was really hard. She is still so beautiful. One had to go though and the Van is upside down, the depreciation on those E350's is MASSIVE!!!!!!! Offered 12,000.00 at Carmax! Yikes, and that is pretty good. I bought it for 19000 when it was six months old. The Van originally cost $34,000.00. Only churches buy them so it seems. One thing, the Van is definitely better on my back! 600 times better!

                            My friend got the truck afew weeks past for 7000.00 (I gave it to him for Carmax price in exchange for some drywall work at my house, Carmax offers are generally pretty fair, on private sale I would have gotten about 8000-8500 and had the hassle and risk of South Florida slimeballs and thieves coming by to eyeball or drive the thing around, you HAVE to be careful here) and we used the bucks to finish paying another piece of property we bought. I still see her everyday and he actually got rid of his 2004 Chrysler Van with 22000 miles to keep my GMC with 105000. The GMC never had a problem and he knew the maintenance on it had been good so he got rid of that problem prone junkpile.

                            Wife is happy with little car, I can't fit in the thing.

                            the issue for the truck and Van in my wife's building is security it turns out. Her floor has a special elevator key, buzz in doors, etc... There is no parking in the Tower for visitors, they park in another location and pay $12.00 per hour. The building is awesome! They have a gym, pool, restaurants, etc... it is an enclosed city. The security is extrememly tight and everywhere. The only thing is she can't divulge goings on other than office humor and all, she had to take an oath. She since got offered a job with the City Attorney in our town but turned it down even though thge money was better and it is across the street at City Hall, she did not want to get into local politics, she said she is fine at this place.
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                              I know how much you loved Big Red, but with that many miles and cost of upkeep on her, you may have made a good decision at the right time....... and still make a good profit off of resale on her.....

                              Glad to hear the Mrs. is happy with her new job, benefits, and now a car that only she can drive and love (no offense - you should't be so long legged, lol)...

                              On the new building codes, they are keeping vehicles small that park in them, that way no heavy big trucks can haul in big bombs now..... its a safety feature now that has been put into place at all govt offices where parking is part of the office building... Even the ones that still accomodate the big trucks they don't allow them to park there anymore.... and they have become very "secured" areas.

                              Awww, life changes and so do our "toys"...... you'll find another that will strike you fancy and you'll JUST HAVE TO HAVE IT.....


                              "It's amazing the paths that our feet sometimes follow in life".

                              My suggestions are from "personal experience" and research only. Do not consider this as legal advice. Each bankruptcy case is different.


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