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Rising Gas Prices

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    2.91 yesterday to 3.10 today at the shell by my house. The Prez and FPL have told us to conserve. FPL is only receiving half their shipment of fuel so they say. I've set the day thermostat to 79 with a strict no touch to the kids and no extra driving whatsoever. It's a crisis we will get through. I think prices will decline once supplies return. WE NEED BETTER REFINERY CAPACITY AND WE NEED TO BUILD SOME MORE. It's wonderful to limit progress and have a clean environment but now we are behind in refinement and drilling. How about enhancing the technology for cleaner conditions while increasing capacity. And yes, attempting to bring in better technology as far as consumption. Hybrids are great. Mass transit and gentrification of the Cities is a great idea. Bring people back in.

    Until "Starfleet Command" takes over and Mars is terraformed we still have to grow and believe me I saw enough of this Country this summer from Tennessee to Arizona to know that there is still a lot of excess land.

    Irregardless of people's opinion of our President and not regarding asinine statements by one of the Kennedy's about Haley Barbour taking responsibility for the storm since he did not support the Kyoto Accord (how do these leftist elitist baboons get taken seriously, and yes there are Republican baboons as well) we have been through a catastrophe and at this point "our capacity to produce gasoline" has been reduced. We have to act like reasonable adults and conserve. Here we go through water rationing periodically, I have seen food rationed, gasoline in the seventies, and other items. We can respond correctly to this.

    Demand will go up as people attempt to fill up daily, supply for a while go down, price will increase. Eventually demand will level, stocks will increase and prices will drop. The kicker however could be that since we have not drilled in many years we may have to pay to increase our technology RAPIDLY for deeper wells... but then who knows... Aliens could attack tomorrow, take out all infrastructure and force us back to the horse and buggy days overnight... of course I've seen War of the Worlds 5 times...
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      In Tennessee- specifically Memphis and surrounding areas we are paying anywhere from $2.50 to $3.50 a gallon. Depends on whether you live in downtown Memphis or one of the townships(where I live) outside Memphis. I work with a lady from Mississippi and she said gas is still under $3.00 a gallon where she lives. FYI We have over 4,000 people in our town from the New Orleans and Mississippi areas staying in hotels, churches and with friends. Churches have opened their doors as have doctors, the Humane Shelter, grocery stores and even entertainment places are letting any refugees from these areas in for free. My heart breaks for these people. I lived in Baton Rouge for 15 years - about 80 miles from New Orleans - and we had 2 hurricanes pass over but nothing even remotely close to what happened in New Orleans. I visited New Orleans many, many times. It was a very historical and charming city. I never wanted to live there - just visit. Oddly enough I was thinking about BKs and how many will be filed in the next few months and wondered how many of these people will be filing and what they will have to go through under the new law. Just what they need - more stress.


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        The price will eventually readjust down Remember the first Gulf War. Before it regular was 1.17, dropped to 89.9 and stayed there for several years.


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          What's the best way to protest? Quit buying it? Quit going anywhere like out to eat or to a movie? Should we quit buying all the extra goodies that gas stations sell? You should have seen the lines. People start panicking and they all head to the gas stations. Just like when the weatherman says it's going to snow in South Carolina. Everybody heads to the store for milk and bread. Geez!!!! Everything we buy is going to be jacked up in cost if we let it happen. Right now I am limiting my travel to work and back home. I'm tired of just accepting everything that I am told. For gas to go up 65 cents a gallon in one day isn't right. I know there was a hurricane and that we are at war. But once one guy bumps up the price they all do. I am tired of being gouged. We all know that everything we buy is going to be more now and I can't afford it. My bankruptcy was just discharged and I am already living on the edge again.



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            I live in the Sarasota/Bradenton area & got a call at 10:30 this morning that all the gas in downtown Bradenton is sold out. On the island where I live, west of town, they were running out as I was filling up at 8:30. I think I"m going to be looking in to buying a bike this weekend. It's a 9 mile drive to my office and I don't think we're going to have our pay increased to deal with the cost of gas. If I thought ch. 7 was a bad thing now, well, I know it's the ONLY way...maybe I should just let 'em take the SUV (2000 4runner) who needs it now?
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              as of today 3.19 was cheapest I could find and I live in CT.
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                The cheapest I've seen in my area is $3.29 for 87 octane.
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                  $3.19 in Columbia SC today.


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                    Hey Jeff!!! I live in Columbia too!!! Howdy neighbor!! I need to go get gas today too as a matter of fact and I have been dreading it. I heard yesterday prices were supposed to be going down so I've been dragging this out as long as I can, but I'm sitting almost on E.


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                      $2.95 here in Michigan... and going down. I have seen it at $2.84!
                      BUSY running my own credit repair services! Sorry I don't stop in so often any more!


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                        Hey, I got gas today for $2.97. Last week this same station had their gas at $3.19. So yes, it looks like it's going some gas stations anyway.


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                          We're going down a bit too - $3.09 today.


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                            hey all, I'm in Southern Ohio, gas here today, Just filled up 2.81. no bad.


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                              We're heading in the right direction too. Got up to $3.09 (not counting the HUGE spikes last week) here outside Atlanta, GA. Yesterday, I saw $2.80. A week and a half ago (that BAD Wed. when all H*LL broke loose) I filled up for $2.70/gal before the prices went into a spike. (It had changed from the day before but only by a dime. I filled up on my lunch break, by the time I was heading home for the day prices were over $3/gallon and got worse that night.)

                              I don't drive alot-just to & from work. I'll need gas again by Tue. or Wed. My hope is that by the time I fill up again, it will be back to the $2.70 or less..
                              Most of my information is from personal experience or HOURS and HOURS of online research. When you're searching online, keep in mind there is no guarantee that the info is completely up to date, and your situation is unique from anyone else's. Do your homework, and consult with an attorney so you can make an informed decision.


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                                Originally posted by StaciMM
                                We're heading in the right direction too. Got up to $3.09 (not counting the HUGE spikes last week) here outside Atlanta, GA. Yesterday, I saw $2.80. A week and a half ago (that BAD Wed. when all H*LL broke loose) I filled up for $2.70/gal before the prices went into a spike. (It had changed from the day before but only by a dime. I filled up on my lunch break, by the time I was heading home for the day prices were over $3/gallon and got worse that night.)

                                I don't drive alot-just to & from work. I'll need gas again by Tue. or Wed. My hope is that by the time I fill up again, it will be back to the $2.70 or less..
                                The highest gas got in NM was $3.09 a gallon. Yesterday we started seeing the prices here going down. It was 2.99 a gallon Friday, yesterday $2.74 a gallon. We spiked really quick and we are going down just as quick. I don't expect to see gas prices below $2.00 anymore.


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