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Government help for wife if we divorce

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    Government help for wife if we divorce

    It's hard for me to believe that after having been together more than 30 years we are now discussing the possibility of splitting up, and I hope it doesn't come to that ultimately, but if it does, I need to know what are some options for my wife.

    She has had no work experience outside of the home. She worked some years in our small business, but worked for "free" and all income was under my name.

    She is in poor health and cannot work.

    I care about her and will help her as best I can, and I hate that she would have to have government assistance, but I don't know if I'll be able to take care of two separate households.

    What options does she have regarding welfare, social security, food stamps, etc., and how much could she receive? (No other parties involved).

    I hate to read this....

    If things cannot be worked out, your wife needs to go and see about applying for food stamps. I do not know what the minimums that she needs to be below in your state to qualify. 'Hub and I have tried four different times, and at each declination, we are told that the "household makes too much money".

    Another person we know was declined because she made $900+ in a given pay period, and the threshold was $800.00. I do not know what the threshold is in our case--we cannot get anyone to tell us.

    Now aside from the food stamps, she needs to go in and apply for disability, and anything else that may apply to a person in her age group.

    Good wishes to you and your wife. I truly hope you two will be able to work things out....
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