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Do I report City temp job that stated I would be paid more than I am?

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    Do I report City temp job that stated I would be paid more than I am?

    I seriously didn't even know how to title this. History: September 2010 I interviewd for a temp position with the City. Pay was Lousy (12.31 hr) but after not working for a year, felt it was a god send. I started working there Sept 27.

    In December their funding for the position supposedly ended so they asked me to stay on as a consultant at $15.39 hr. I agreed to do that and signed an agreement to be a consultant. Then, a week or so ago, the person who is theoretically my supervisor told me I had to fill out a timesheet as opposed to the consultant reports I was submitting. I just figured it had to do with the way they were going to pay me. (Net 30 - which was a bit of a concern for those of us (3 of us) who'd signed the agreements.)

    Last week, on Tuesday, I asked the 'supervisor' how that all was coming along and whether I would be paid that week and if anything had changed. She stammered and said that they couldn't process the agreement and I would be getting paid the original 12.31 an hour. That I had to talk to HR if I had questions.

    I was in shock. Already I'd put in almost a month at what I was told the higher salary would be and now she tells me I wouldn't be getting that.

    SO - I talked to a few people who said I should complain to the State Human Rights Division. I waited until I got a paycheck (arrived this past Saturday) to see what I was being paid, and yes, it is for $12.31 an hour.

    Here's my dilemna - after being out of work for a year, anything is betther than nothing. BUT - they lied and what they said was fraudulent and I am seriously angry. At the same time, after working there, I was counting on them being a reference.
    Oh, and since I am working in purchasing and the agreement went through 'us'., I asked my co-worker, who handled it since I had a vested interest and they thought it should go through her, to turn her head while I made a copy of the agreement and, surprise, surprise, it had not been signed by the department head.

    Any suggestions as to how to handle this? The position shouldn't last more than 2 more weeks but I am getting butterflies already about Monday as I am ready to blow up at the way I have been treated.

    Our department is combined with City Human Rights so obviously I can't go through them. Also, the person other co-workers (who were as shocked as I am at what is going on) suggested going to the State as this department had forced out a worker who now is working for the State Human Rights office and despises the people that put all this in motion. What A MESS!

    i hope moving your post here in this part of the forum may help get more responses for you..i hope!!!
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      There really isn't anything you can do unless you have it in writing that you were offered and accepted a higher rate for this position.

      Look at the agreement you signed to be a consultant. If that states the wage you are to be paid, then you have something. If not, well then it's their word against yours.
      I may be smarter than an attorney, but I'm not one. No legal advice here, people.
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