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  • American Express offered a credit card to my 3-year-old

    January 13,2011

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- My daughter has a piggy bank and occasionally collects coins and adds them to her lot. Sometimes, she spills out the contents and enjoys putting each coin back in the bank through the slot at the top one at a time. But I wouldn't say she's good with...
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  • Peeps
    started a topic Google Voice and Amex

    Google Voice and Amex

    Here's a little tidbit that I've learned in the past couple of weeks... maybe it can be of use to someone else.

    Amex doesn't seem to care what phone number you give them. If you update your account with a new google voice number, they still call the old number. A LOT. They started...
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  • keptdigging
    started a topic Answering a suit to stall in California

    Answering a suit to stall in California

    I've seen two conflicting pieces of advice about creditor lawsuits:

    1. Always answer to slow them down.
    2. Don't bother answering if it's an original creditor (OC) because they'll just get a quick motion for summary judgment.

    I'm in California, and want, very much, to...
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  • keptdigging
    started a topic Prejudgment attachments

    Prejudgment attachments

    Now that I know a suit from American Express is on the way, I have stumbled on this concept called "prejudgment attachment" which allows a creditor to seize or put a lien on assets in an ex parte motion pending outcome of the trial. In other words, seize first, notice later.

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  • Length of Time for a Collection Lawsuit in CA

    Last night I posted a thread about Chase threatening to sue. Well the helpful comments made me realize I could go online and read the court's docket. And there it is, a suit against me from American Express. 4/6/2010.

    So, anyone in California (I'm in San Diego): how fast is this going...
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