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  • American Express offered a credit card to my 3-year-old

    January 13,2011

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- My daughter has a piggy bank and occasionally collects coins and adds them to her lot. Sometimes, she spills out the contents and enjoys putting each coin back in the bank through the slot at the top one at a time. But I wouldn't say she's good with...
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  • Just served by AMX yesterday Jan 1 . How soon till bank levy

    I just arrived home yesterday just to find out my daughter answered the door to a guy who served a summons intended for me.
    I Plan on going bankrupt after Jan 31 when I'm scheduled to have my wages cut in half by a necessary job demotion but my question is , how long from today Jan 2 do you think...
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  • Peeps
    started a topic Google Voice and Amex

    Google Voice and Amex

    Here's a little tidbit that I've learned in the past couple of weeks... maybe it can be of use to someone else.

    Amex doesn't seem to care what phone number you give them. If you update your account with a new google voice number, they still call the old number. A LOT. They started...
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  • Bankruptcy IS a Business Decision - A True Story

    Businesses file for bankruptcy ALL the time...when times are good and when times are not so good. When consumers file, I think we look at it as a bad thing because we have personal attachments to our stuff i.e. houses, cars, savings, etc. And I can understand this because I was one of those people....
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  • Dan76
    started a topic Chance of Keeping AMEX Charge Card?

    Chance of Keeping AMEX Charge Card?

    I was told if I file my AMEX account would most likely be closed. It's only a charge card and I'm not including it in the BK. Is there any remote chance they would not close the account, or the odds are it will most likely be closed along with any other credit line or charge card with no balance?...
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  • keptdigging
    started a topic Answering a suit to stall in California

    Answering a suit to stall in California

    I've seen two conflicting pieces of advice about creditor lawsuits:

    1. Always answer to slow them down.
    2. Don't bother answering if it's an original creditor (OC) because they'll just get a quick motion for summary judgment.

    I'm in California, and want, very much, to...
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  • keptdigging
    started a topic Prejudgment attachments

    Prejudgment attachments

    Now that I know a suit from American Express is on the way, I have stumbled on this concept called "prejudgment attachment" which allows a creditor to seize or put a lien on assets in an ex parte motion pending outcome of the trial. In other words, seize first, notice later.

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