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  • Phintexas
    started a topic Looking at Chapter 7 in Texas

    Looking at Chapter 7 in Texas

    Hi. I have been thinking about a the possibility of a chapter 7. I'm tired of the debt I have hanging over my head and don't know what to do. I have seen a couple lawyers and they all tell me something different and hoping anyone here has advice for me. But here are the details:

    I had a...
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  • nexus76
    started a topic Value Automobile Ohio

    Value Automobile Ohio

    I'll try to make this short. Received my first summons from which I assume is the original creditor certified mail on Monday (I have 28 days to answer), I am $47,000 in debt - all credit cards. I planed on filing Chapter 7, just for some reason I thought I would not get sued for a few years. Mainly...
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  • Creditor has filed Motion for Relief From Stay for my car loan -- what next?

    I couldn't find my exact situation on the forum anywhere. I stopped making car payments a few months ago. After several collections calls, she gave me the ultimatum. Either I make a payment arrangement or they're going to have to come get the car. I told her I couldn't. "Do you want us to...
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  • Timeline for creditor action taken on car loan (pre BK)

    I recently lost my job and we will likely have to file a chapter 7 unless I get a job very quickly (which is extremely unlikely).

    I have a question about our car. We bought it new last year and still owe $25k on it (it's only worth about $18k according to The payments are really...
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  • Notice of Right to Cure Default letter received for car loan

    I just received my notice of right to cure default letter from my credit union for my car loan. I have retained my attorney, but have not filed yet. I haven't made any payments on my car loan since May. What is my next step in regards to this letter? My attorney has said the credit union might work...
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  • stanpendula
    started a topic Selling a car after the discharge

    Selling a car after the discharge

    I am posting this in the Chapter 7 forum and not in the After the Discharge Forum because of the specifics and because I think that it is more useful here.

    We were a No Asset Case since filing (2/23/2011) and got Discharged on July 7, 2011. We entered in a financial settlement with the...
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  • Preventing Repo by Credit Union / Cross-Collateralization Question

    I'm interested in tips on how to prevent repo by a Credit Union.

    The CU claims they can repo my car, even if I continue to pay my car loan, because the car
    cross-collateralizes my delinquent Visa and LOC loans from the same CU. My $7k car loan is up to date, but I am delinquent...
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  • Trying to Buy a Used Car after Deer Totaled my car

    We are not even a full year into our 100% payback plan. We received aprox. $3800 from the insurance company for the car that was totaled when a large deer jumped in front of my car. We must have a 2nd car. We have a special needs child that requires Occupational and Speech therapy every week. I am a...
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  • chicomtn
    started a topic Credit report inaccuracy?

    Credit report inaccuracy?

    I was recently discharged (Aug 2010 CH7) since then I paid of my car and have a NON secured capital one card with a 500$ limit.

    On my reports it lists my car and verizon accounts as included in the bankruptycy. Although this information was included in my petition it was NOT discharged....
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  • Pre-discharge car financing with same BK creditors?

    I filed BK chap 7 on Sept 10', 341 meeting was on Oct 10'. I'm currently waiting for discharge and I am assuming it will happen in late Dec 10' (keeping fingers crossed).

    I currently have a lease with Acura financials which I reaffirmed. The lease is set to expire on 12/4/10. I am...
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  • cchamberlin8
    started a topic Car Lease Advice

    Car Lease Advice

    Thanks everyone for all the info on here. I recently filed Ch7 and I have a leased vehicle with 2 years remaining on the lease. Because of life circumstances I have moved and commute 180 miles total each day so I will be way over my mileage allowance at lease end. I'll basically have to buy the car...
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  • cchamberlin8
    started a topic New car just after filing??

    New car just after filing??

    I am very new to this but like so many others, I have found this to be a wealth of information. I am filing Ch 7 in New Jersey and I have a leased vehicle. Two years left on the lease and I will be significantly over the milage allowance at lease end. On one hand I think the best thing to do is to surrender...
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  • andyx
    started a topic Keeping Cars That Are Paid For and Needed?

    Keeping Cars That Are Paid For and Needed?

    My wife and I are going to have to file Chapter 7. Banks have foreclosed on real estate on which we owed over $1M and one of them is seeking to collect a six figure deficiency judgment. We have very few assets because we [foolishly] used our IRAs and 401Ks in a failed attempt to reach settlements on...
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  • jv2010
    started a topic Auto Exemption in New York

    Auto Exemption in New York

    I am filing Chapter 7 in New York. This forum has been very helpful in this process. I have a car worth appx. $5200 based on kbb. I am married but I will be the only one filing for bankruptcy. I am the only one on the title of the car. I know NY has $2400 exemption for cars. Besides the car, I
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  • ForeverBK13
    started a topic Surrendering small car for an SUV

    Surrendering small car for an SUV

    Just found this forum and immediately signed up,lots of great info here!
    My situation is 4 months into my confirmed 13,my wife and I decided to surrender my g35 coupe and try to buy an SUV that will hold the whole family. My lawyer tells me the lender has not filed a claim for the g35 and that...
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