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Car Loan Claim

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    Car Loan Claim

    So I finally filed for 13 and had my 341. Everything went much smoother then I thought it would in my head, I was a nervous wreck and asking a million questions to my attorney and he kept reassuring me he didn’t foresee any issues. He was very right 341 took all of 5 minutes and the trustee recommended confirming the plan. On a letter mailed out it says the last day to file a claim is 12/1/21. I have a car loan through Kia, which will be paid through my plan. I check pacer today and noticed that Kia still hasn’t filed a claim, is this something I should bring up to my attorney or give it some more time?

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    If Kia doesn't file a claim, your attorney will likely file one. It may also be due to the fact that maybe you're doing some bifurcation of the Kia loan into secured and unsecured portions. That means that your attorney is going to file something to "value" the Kia claim to the current market value. If that's not happening, don't worry as your attorney may just file a claim on their behalf to keep things tidy.

    A creditor does not have to file a claim. They usually do so to get paid. Some claims come in the last minute (and the last day).
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