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  • The Banks Show No Mercy: 10 Foreclosure Horror Stories That Will Blow Your Mind

    Monday, 25 February 2013 06:19

    During the last housing crash, the big banks begged the federal government for help and they received it, but when average Americans ask the big banks for help most of the time the banks show no mercy whatsoever. If you fall behind on your mortgage payments,...
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  • Chase isn't Foreclosing and now FINALLY we know WHY!!!!!

    i rec'd some rather shocking news yesterday, or i guess i could say more surprising than shocking. some of you, know a bit of our plight.

    just to sum up the situation in a million words or less...we were smack in the middle of a loan mod with chase when we were served our summons for foreclosure....
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  • 2nd mortgage Chase - charged off and sent to Real Time Solutions Debt Collector bk7

    Not sure of where to put this. I'm post bk7, 2009 and current on my 1st mortgage which was modified by Chase and living in house. Tried to modify 2nd mortgage but it was charged off by Chase because I didnt make a payment in a year and now sent to this debt collector. I now plan...
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  • WaMu (Chase) Trying To Collect After Discharge

    In August 2010 I filed bankruptcy. It was discharged in November 2010.

    I included 2 Chase cards in my BK matrix (I filed pro se). One of those Chase cards was originally a Providian Card, which became Washington Mutual, which became Chase in 2009.

    All of my numerous credit...
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  • OMG how long will trying to modify with Chase go on????

    Long story short I have been trying to do a modify with Chase for about 7 months, send everything they ask for, 2 months later always get a call for new docs since expired, send new ones, etc...have documented and follow thru...I can recite it better then the lady in India.

    Today I get...
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  • 18 months after ch 7 discharge, and still no forclosure on house!!

    Hi All,

    Just curious if anyone else ahs experienced this. We filed Ch 7 back in March of 2009, was discharged successfully in July 2009. Since then, our house (which was discharged in the BK, no reaffirm), has just been sitting empty. The mortgage company (BofA, was Countrywide), sends...
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  • allgoingwron
    started a topic Is this going to cause trouble

    Is this going to cause trouble

    Ok so my husband goes to sign the papers for our newer truck loan and come to find out the bank that wound up financing us is Chase. We have our two biggest cc's with Chase and we did not make the payments this month and planned on stopping our payments all together since we decided to file for BK....
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  • bobertthecat
    started a topic Call from Pre-Litigation department

    Call from Pre-Litigation department

    I am new here. Heres a brief description of my situation: I know I will be filing Ch 7 in a few months. I have to wait until about Nov/Dec to qualify for Ch 7. (I had a second job but lost it to now my one full-time income will qualify me for Ch 7....I was also recently injured...
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  • lolie
    started a topic Motion to lift Automatic Stay by Chase

    Motion to lift Automatic Stay by Chase

    Our discharge date is scheduled for July 6th and Chase just put in a motion to lift the Automatic Stay on our Mortgage. The hearing is scheduled for June 30. Seems a bit silly to me, if it's going to be discharged anyway in less than a weeks time past the hearing date. They are also asking that the...
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  • My experience with settling with original creditors!

    Hey guys,

    This is my first post and I really wanted to share my experience with you. I have about 30k in credit card debt, no house note, no car note, no other bills other than credit cards. I was always one to have stellar credit in the high 700s, for all of my credit card life, up...
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  • keptdigging
    started a topic Threatened lawsuit from Chase

    Threatened lawsuit from Chase

    Long letter from chase receive today that includes this language:

    To avoid a lawsuit, oontact one of our representatives at xxx-xxx-xxxx within fifteen (15) days. Otherwise, and without further notice, the bank intends to instruct its attorney to commence legal action against you for...
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  • lolie
    started a topic Surrender Underwater Mortgage in a 13?

    Surrender Underwater Mortgage in a 13?

    We are meeting with our attorney next week and I want to be prepared. Here's the situation:

    Own and Operate LLC Partnership (profitable)

    Income 200K/yr.

    Unsecured credit: 82K
    Taxes for this year: 40K
    Secured credit: 40K (two cars, dirtbike, piano)...
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  • sprestige
    started a topic Foreclosure after in 13-Help Please

    Foreclosure after in 13-Help Please

    I need your help if any of you can offer any help at all. Long facts, but basically here it is:

    I filed 13 after being off work for several months. During that time, was late on both first and second. The past due amount was put in the plan, the mortgages were paid outside the plan (1st...
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  • Cant BK, Lawsuite filed by Creditor, what can I do?

    I had perfect credit up untill about 6 months ago. I lost my job, have a long term illness, but have not qualifed for disability yet, its a very slow process can take years, where 70% of most people get rejected the first time. I thought it would happen sooner then later and now I am really stuck....
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