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  • JayTheAvian
    started a topic It's Complicated...

    It's Complicated...

    Just joined this site this evening. I'm a single father of a teenage son with primary custody. We live in Phoenix. I'm almost a year into my Chapter 13 case and now dealing with a complex set of issues and have a number of questions.

    First, I'll tell you what led me to file BK in the first...
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  • jamesd271
    started a topic Chapter 13 to a Chapter 7 Nonconsumer

    Chapter 13 to a Chapter 7 Nonconsumer

    Good Day-

    I have currently filed a chapter 13, as the result of a judgement creditor that has been relentless. This guy garnished my wages and my wifes wages and has been after me for about four years. The Chapter 13 has been no different. He is the only creditor objecting and...
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  • empowered
    started a topic Exemptions remain the same

    Exemptions remain the same

    I need to verify where I read it but I believe that I read that if you have one set of exemptions in a 13 and then convert to 7, that your exemptions stay the same.

    In my case, my 13 was dismissed early this year and I'm refiling for 7. I am not converting. I am also in another state....
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  • Filed Ch 13 Jointly, Can I Convert to Ch 7 Seperately?

    My husband and I filed ch 13 in April of 2009. We have since then separated, he got the truck and is paying me for it. What I want to know, is if I can convert to ch 7 without him. I don't have anything in the bankruptcy that I can lose, besides the truck, and my figuring is if he's paying me for it,...
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  • smile77
    started a topic Notice to Creditors

    Notice to Creditors

    I received a deficiency notice in the mail stating
    Re: Amended/Amendment to Schedule F-Creditor or Creditors Added

    The amendment to the petition was not served in accordance with the Rule 1009 of the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy procedure. A copy of the amendment should be served...
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