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  • BK or just quit paying on $120k on cards? US citizen living in Canada

    Wife and I have $120,000 of US Credit Card debt on 9 cards (used to be more). We now live in Canada, are current on all 9 cards, but can no longer keep pace with the minimums and apparently need to either A) quit paying or file US BK ? Which would you recommend? I'm told that Canada will not count...
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  • niteflytes
    started a topic Credit cards after BK advice

    Credit cards after BK advice

    I filed chapter 7 and was discharged in 2007. Five years later I'm back, filing a chapter 13. Here is my story...

    I got credit cards after my BK.

    I thought...
    I needed them (I didn't)
    I could handle the temptation to use them (well established habits...
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  • kirk44
    started a topic When should I stop paying my credit cards?

    When should I stop paying my credit cards?

    I am about to file Chapter 7 in the next month or two....I have about $10,000 in cash in my checking account and no other assets....and I live in Georgia. My bankruptcy should be other assets, no other debts besides credit cards.

    I've been paying on these cards for years, and...
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  • TJ86
    started a topic Default judgement before the offer ran out

    Default judgement before the offer ran out

    I received notice from the Court stating that a default judgement had been won by the creditor against me.
    From the creditor's lawyer I had received a letter offering a settlement amount of 40% The letter stated I had 25 days to respond to the offer with a payment. On day 12 of the 25 days,...
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  • Automatic withdrawal from bank where I have credi card


    My bank was served with my other creditors for my Ch 13. I had $50 automatically taken out monthly that went towards the balance on my card. I had the same amount go into my savings account automatically. I should have, but did not realize for a year that the $50 was still...
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  • chrissy92972
    started a topic authorized user on credit card???? chapter 7

    authorized user on credit card???? chapter 7

    Today we met with our attorney to sign our paperwork, he is submitting our Ch 7 this week. One question that he had a hard time answering was about a credit card from Chase. I was an authorized user on my parents card up until about a month ago when they took me off on the advice of our attorney....
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  • We got new credit in a second!! Unsecured! Wow

    after being discharged, i really thought i would wait it out about 6 months or so to apply for any credit. we had toss the topic over and over again.

    one of us believes we should never have it again....and one of us KNOWS we need to get a mortgage again (guess which one I AM!! LOL!!)....
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  • Any idea how long it takes for cc's to close accounts?

    When I filed I had three 0 balance credit lines. One of them, an LOC with my new bank was closed 10 days after the filing. The other two, however, an AA credit card (store card like) and a Dell Financial Services card are still open and active. It's been about a month and a half since filing. Any...
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  • Is bankruptcy a viable option for this family?

    I have a question for a friend, and since I am not in this field I am relatively uneducated about this subject. If someone could yay or nay this idea and provide next steps it would be really helpful.

    The grandmother and granddaughter live together in a house...
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  • KCFan
    started a topic Best Buy/Sears

    Best Buy/Sears

    I just filed for Ch7 on 7/7/10. I don't remember in my information packet to my attny if I listed my TV from Best Buy and a couple appliances from Sears as unsecured or secured. I purchased my TV in Jan 09 on 3 yrs/no interest through Best Buy (actually HSBC) and have made payments ever since. I purchased...
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  • pcm
    started a topic Spouse Not Filing - Would CC companies come after her?

    Spouse Not Filing - Would CC companies come after her?

    I live in CA. I have $45K in CC and my wife has $15K. I'm considering filing for Chapter 7 on my own and continuing paying for her CC debt. Would my CC companies come after her even though I'm the only one in the accounts?
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  • non delinquent credit card pre and post discharge?

    I had three non delinquent credit cards during my bk process-

    two with b of a where i still have an account with.

    one was a personal card and the other was a business card(i am a self employed sole proprietor)but don't really need this biz card for my biz anymore and...
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  • BOA settlement offer so soon? Is this normal?

    Ok, so wife and I are filing CH13 in just over a month. We stopped paying on our CCs in November.

    Calls started coming right around Christmas time (fun stuff). Normal collection calls. Nothing to write home about.

    Then today we received a call from BOA. It was from...
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  • olegbro
    started a topic alternatives to BK13

    alternatives to BK13

    After talking to couple BK attorneys, looks like I am not passing means test for chapter 7 due to high income. The only option is chapter 13.

    I have $80K in CC debt (accumulated due to failed RE venture) and a house in Illinois (we live in CA for last 3 years). House is worth about $500K...
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  • Sham11801
    started a topic Credit Card - Authorized User

    Credit Card - Authorized User

    I researched this question on google but only found that an authorized user is not liable to pay charges that are past due/charged off, only the primary card holder since he/she signed the agreement.

    However, since my accounts have gone delinquent (ready to file soon), i noticed that...
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