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  • Newbie here with some questions about creditor claims

    Good evening all,

    I am new to the board and just recently filed Chapter 13 in CA and am terrified of the upcoming 341 hearing and confirmation hearings. As it currently stands my payment will be quite significant and assuming all creditors due file claims will be around 60% of my balance...
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  • An epiphany today about guilt over debt

    Long time lurker here. Huge thanks to the advice. I'm doing BK7 Pro Se and would be lost without you. To anyone considering doing it yourself, don't fret. The forms all looked like they were written in Chinese when I first started (a few weeks ago). And now it's like a book I've read a million times....
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  • Potencia
    started a topic Did I discharge too many debts?

    Did I discharge too many debts?

    Filed pro-se August 7th, individual CH7, most of my debts are from my business so I discharged my libility on them. Among several active accounts, most of the accounts included on the matrix dont show up on my credit report and in fact, many of them are 10 yrs old or more and out of the statute of limitations,...
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  • kirk44
    started a topic When should I stop paying my credit cards?

    When should I stop paying my credit cards?

    I am about to file Chapter 7 in the next month or two....I have about $10,000 in cash in my checking account and no other assets....and I live in Georgia. My bankruptcy should be other assets, no other debts besides credit cards.

    I've been paying on these cards for years, and...
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  • Creditors and converting chapter 7 to chapter 13

    I am in the process of converting my chapter 7 to a chapter 13. Only 4 creditors filed claims in my chapter 7. I am wondering what happens after I convert. Can I expect the unfiled creditors to come out of the woodwork if they tink they will be paid something in the chapter 13? Out of my $600K of debt...
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  • Once one Creditor Level on you can another also

    I am saving up to do a Ch7. What happen in a Level how many Creditors with judgement can go after you. Also if I open up new Accounts after they level me can they take that. Nothing has happen yet just the judgement 2 and more on the way.Over 130,000 in debt

    Going nuts in N...
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  • Can the Creditors take my guitars

    They got judgement, so can they take my guitars, I sold the others to pay bills,food,med, . I sometimes make money with it. The guitar is worth about 300-400 maybe.Looking for a lawyer but that stuff take time.
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  • ah533
    started a topic Not sure all my creditors are listed on pacer

    Not sure all my creditors are listed on pacer

    Hi Everybody, I have been viewing this forum for awhile now and it has been a huge help - so first off thank you!

    I filed Chapter 7 about two weeks ago and have been checking Pacer. Good thing I have because I still have not been notified by mail or my attorney when my 341 is, but...
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  • bktmom28
    started a topic What do you tell creditors?

    What do you tell creditors?

    We are very new to all of this. My dh and I have never missed any CC payments or house payments, and cannot file until we have our attorney fees as they require payment before filing so we are attempting to sell my dhs truck to get the money to pay the fees. However, we are behind on our BofA CC payment....
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  • Should I tell my creditors I am filing BK?

    I got my attorney on a retainer a week ago and finished filling out all of my forms and have a review on the 27th. My phone just started ringing with creditors; who duh, Im not going to pay I am filing bankruptcy. Should I not answer or should I tell them I am filing? Isn't it better to kinda, spring...
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  • 3 months away from filing - should I try settling w/ CC's first?

    Hi - I have searched the forums, and haven't quite found this question here...

    I am preparing to file Ch 13 (can't file Ch 7 due to income). I am planning on waiting about 3 months to save for attorney's fees and get everything in order.

    Here's my question. Most of my debt...
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  • ChandAZ
    started a topic AZ - estranged H's massive debt

    AZ - estranged H's massive debt

    Hello all. I've done a little searching here and a lot online and just wondered if anyone had any information\experience to share until I can consult a professional.

    Scenario: My H moved out 2/07, we do not yet have a legal separation nor divorce and have been married for 9 years. We live...
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    Last edited by ChandAZ; 08-05-2008, 06:03 PM. Reason: forgot to ask about changing asset to seperate

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