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  • mnmama
    started a topic Spending cash the days before filing

    Spending cash the days before filing

    We plan to file on Monday. Our lawyer has said that we are likely to lose part of our tax refund in April. The less cash we have in our bank accounts now, the more of our future tax refund we can exempt.

    We currently have about $500 in our bank accounts. We already did the car's service,...
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    started a topic Should I file? Now or Wait?

    Should I file? Now or Wait?

    I am considering filing bankruptcy. I have about $25,000-$30,000 in debt from a $12,000 deficiency balance on a car repo, about 3-5 thousand in collections/charge offs, and only a $400 limit credit card open with Discover. I have a broken lease that I'm still being charge for until the lease is up or...
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  • JJH77
    started a topic Considering Bankruptcy

    Considering Bankruptcy


    Hoping I can get some insight here on chapter 7 in New Jersey.

    After fighting so so long my husband has given the green light on bankruptcy. Due to illness starting 3 years ago and a car accident we fell behind on things and it snowballed.

    We live in NJ,...
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  • Chapter 7 -- 341 trustee issues in Atlanta -- please help!

    I had my 341 meeting for chapter 7 in Atlanta today...what a mess. Probably the biggest issue was that I pre-paid my dentist prior to filing - from my bank account, not on credit cards - for a procedure to be done 2 weeks later. The dentist required pre-payment, and the procedure was phase 2 of dental...
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  • Pre-planning Chap. 7 Questions about property appraisals

    I am planning on filing at the end of the year so I'm getting my ducks in a row. I'm thinking we may now qualify for Chapter 7 so I want to think through everything involved in that so I'm not blindsided if that's the case. I'm in the Middle Court of Florida Tampa area to give you an idea of where we...
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  • nexus76
    started a topic Value Automobile Ohio

    Value Automobile Ohio

    I'll try to make this short. Received my first summons from which I assume is the original creditor certified mail on Monday (I have 28 days to answer), I am $47,000 in debt - all credit cards. I planed on filing Chapter 7, just for some reason I thought I would not get sued for a few years. Mainly...
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  • Bankruptcy after Retirement: Ch 7 or Ch 13?

    My dad, who is in his late 70s, has gotten himself into too much unsecured debt. He has assets, which are all in retirement accounts (IRAs) and investments (stock). Also a house, under a mortgage but not (thankfully) under water. About 1/3 of the debt is an unsecured loan is left over from a business...
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  • Equity in inherited house used to purchase primary residence

    This is my second post, first one was in Chapter 7, now I'm thinking of Chapter 13. Will be meeting w/attorney next week.

    I live in South Florida and inherited family home (paid for but not worth much) in North Florida (not homestead). My invalid sister is living in the house rent free....
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  • americanist
    started a topic Converting 13 to 7, Part II

    Converting 13 to 7, Part II

    Hi, all, I posted on this question back in March, but some things have changed, making me think that a conversion to Ch 7 is even more sensible. (Didn't do it then, as the $130/month bk payment was reasonable.)

    First: I just got a message from the court saying we've been dismissed--likely...
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  • I am going to finish my pro se filing on Thursday.

    I have been sick since the 19th, the day I did the emergency petition. (a debt collection 3rd party was suing me)

    I went to the library and checked out about 5 books, 2 of them were very helpful. I have no choice but to go through with this as a lawyer won't touch it now. I am stressed...
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  • gregemm
    started a topic exemptions in AZ and cosigned loans question

    exemptions in AZ and cosigned loans question

    I am so happy to have found this site, and have learned so much on here so far. I am considering a pro se filing in Arizona, am planning on meeting with some lawyers when I get the time too.

    I've got a couple questions. First does anyone know about the arizona household property exemption?...
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  • worldgirl28
    started a topic Filing Chp 7 in FL - question about my car

    Filing Chp 7 in FL - question about my car

    Hello - I am getting ready to file Chapter 7 (by myself - finances don't permit me to afford a lawyer). I am single, do not own any real property, have less than $1,000 in household goods/assets, and I am still making payments on my car. Here's my question: regarding my car, I owe $7,600 on it and Kelly...
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  • ARGGHH....can you read this and tell me what it means?

    I just found this in PACER...does this mean that I owe them $1,620 or my entire refund amount? (I had calculated that I would owe them $1,000ish). My attorney really screwed the pooch on this one. If we had filed when I asked him to file, this wouldn't have been an issue. Also, my 341 was just last...
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  • HRoark0717
    started a topic Two Schedule C Questions

    Two Schedule C Questions

    This question refers to the California System 2 exemption chart: As an individual, if you are renting an apartment, does the asset, "Homestead" apply to renters?

    If the "Homestead" asset amount does apply to renters, then I have another question.
    In the exemption...
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  • daylate
    started a topic Can you amend your exemptions?

    Can you amend your exemptions?

    Lets say you exempt an item for 2k because that is what you think it is worth. For whatever reason, the trustee asks for an appraisal of the item. Appraisal comes back at 3k. You have not used all you wildcard exemption. Can you amend your filing to increase your exemption for the item in question to...
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