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  • Suze Orman Recommends Bankrupting Retiree – Without The Benefits

    [article text deleted by moderator due to copyright concerns. Google "Suze Orman Recommends Bankruptcy Retiree" to find the article.]

    Mods please move this thread since it apparently can't be linked up. (why does that happen?) anyway...sorry!

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  • tobee43
    started a topic Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Timeline

    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Timeline

    so many on this forum have questions about the "timelines" involved with the filing of your bankruptcies. i thought this may be helpful to many that have questions pertaining to the timelines they may face when filing. also, please note that some of this information may not be exact and many...
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  • tobee43
    started a topic Fewer people filing for bankruptcy

    Fewer people filing for bankruptcy

    May 22, 2011

    Bankruptcies in Western New York continued to fall in April for the 11th straight month, driven, in part, by a slowdown in mortgage foreclosures and less credit available for borrowers to get into trouble.

    New filings in Buffalo and Rochester fell 15.8 percent...
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  • leander03
    started a topic Step 1

    Step 1

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to the forums. I am heading out in about an hour to meet with my lawyer for the first time. I've had my head in the sand regarding my need to file.

    I was laid off at the beginning of 2010. I had a car repo'd & my credit is just bad. I owe about...
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  • Devastated. Just like everyone else finding themselves in bankruptcy. *sigh*

    Never thought I'd be here, but I am very grateful to find such an amazing community. This is my first post.

    Quick background: My husband was laid off from a major corporation in 2005, he took a re-education package and after about 6 months of recovering from a very difficult career experience,...
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  • cofer22
    started a topic BK7 VS Foreclosure

    BK7 VS Foreclosure

    Hey all,

    New to the forum. Any insight on BK7 vs. Foreclosure? Is one really easier on you than the other?
    I've got 2 rental properties in CO that are seriously underwater, and my main home that is very underwater up here in Idaho. I'm trying to come up with the best, least...
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  • when do you regret having filed a BK???

    I understand that I won't be able to buy a new car for a few years, and won't qualify for an FHA loan for a couple years, but other than those, when/where will this BK show up that I will cringe for having done it? For example, my son is 2, when we want to send him to pre-school, will the BK pop up...
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  • HRx
    started a topic The Tactical Bankruptcy Manual

    The Tactical Bankruptcy Manual

    By - Nick C. Thompson...
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