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  • My IRS debt qualifies for discharge, but what about liens?

    I have IRS debt that qualifies for discharge -- more than three years old, and meets the 340 day rule, an no willful personal act or fraudulent returns.

    I was placed in Currently Not Collectible Status on the debt in 2010 due to hardship (disability, took buyout fro employer to tide me...
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  • Owe IRS taxes, eligible to get them discharged, when to file 2013 return? (Pre-BK)

    I owe about $7000 to the IRS and am currently on a monthly payment plan with which I am current. The taxes are from the 2010 tax year, meaning they were due on April 15, 2011, leading to the fact that it is dischargeable as of April 16, 2014.

    So right now, I plan to flle for chapter...
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  • Spouse filing 7 alone, Do we include my income and debts for Means test

    Husband has 1 rental foreclosure property (payment approx. $900 mo., it was our primary residence 3 years ago but husband had to relocate from Minnesota to North Carolina. We rented it out to 3 different renters. Each of them lost their jobs. We now rent out for just a small payment ($325) and...
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  • bates888
    started a topic Payroll Taxes

    Payroll Taxes

    We received a discharge on our no asset Chapter 7 case in September. The case is also closed. In the BK, we included payroll taxes for our LLC and our Corp (we had 2 businesses that went under). The total owed is probably like $4k between the two, but they've added penalties and fees...
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  • DoctorWho
    started a topic Lower tax debt during chapter 13 plan

    Lower tax debt during chapter 13 plan

    Is it possible to make the IRS, state taxes, and/or property tax lower in a chapter 13 bankruptcy?

    Let's say for example you owe 50,000 to the IRS - 20,000 to the state and 20,000 property taxes. Are you able to make these debts for a lower dollar amount? Say 10 cents on the dollar? ...
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  • addisonsmom
    started a topic IRA Withdrawl to Pay taxes????

    IRA Withdrawl to Pay taxes????

    We are currently on a 100% payback plan on our Chapter 13 and we are going to have to pay the IRS a little over $2500. We are considering taking some money from our IRA in order to pay these taxes since we can not incur any more debt. Will we have to have our attorney petition the court or can we just...
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  • Got a Tax Levy - What happens to Credit Score now ?

    Toda,m I found out that I owed $350 in taxes to NY state after I checked my bank statement. The NY IRS told me that they found an issue with my 2005 state taxes filing.They found the problem in Jan 2009 and sent me a bill then.

    But since I had moved from the address which was on file...
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    started a topic Discharge of insurance obligation

    Discharge of insurance obligation

    I am new to the forum and have a rather esoteric quesiton regarding insurance premium discharge in the event of a successful Chapter 7 filing/discharge.
    I am a physician/surgeon and will have to go the Chapter 7 route very soon due mainly to tax issues. I was not able to pay my last quarter malpractice...
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  • IRS TAXES - When Give MFTRA-X Reports to Trustee? I Meet all Criteria.

    Filing Chapter 7

    I definitely meet all the criteria for deleting back IRS taxes. I have ordered the MFTRA-X reports from the IRS to prove same.

    My question; Do I somehow attach them to my filing, or just present them to the Trustee in our meeting? Or do I have to do a...
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  • Guide to Wage Garnishment, Tax Liens, and Releasing Penalties

    throughout my months here on this GREAT forum, it has struck me that one of the deepest fears associated with the filing of a bankruptcy; whether it be a chapter 7 or 13, wage garnishment, tax liens have been of the utmost forerunner of priory concerns to many. i know for us personally, we were scared...
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  • lorelei
    started a topic Imputed Income?

    Imputed Income?

    I live with a domestic partner who I am allowed to cover on my employer's health benefits. Unlike married couples, however, the IRS considers this benefit to be a form of taxable income. So, on each paycheck, I get lines that read "Imputed income - Health", "Imputed income - Dental"...
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  • Please help; Lawsuit, foreclosure, IRS, RV, credit cards - very bad


    This is my first post to this site. My situation is very dire. Any feedback to this thread is most appreciated.

    Here are the facts:
    1) Laid off from job in Phoenix, AZ, in late 2008.
    2) Home located in Phoenix, AZ, (primary residence, actually,...
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  • BigJohn
    started a topic IRS has a form for everything.

    IRS has a form for everything.

    Here is a form every taxpayer should fill out. It is calledForm 13285 - "A Reducing Tax Burden on America's Taxpayers".

    I think everybody should be able to fill this form out without any problems.

    You can see the form
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  • Creditors' matrix -- must I add IRS and state tax agency?

    I'm trying to finish off my creditors' matrix. I was going to just use the information from my dismissed Chapter 13 on the paperwork I'm now doing to file anew under Chapter 7.

    I see that the attorneys in my old state, California, added IRS and California Franchise Tax Board information...
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  • PM with lawyers you'd recommend in Boston / Massachusetts?

    Hi, all.

    I'd really appreciate it if folks who filed in Boston could PM me about attorneys you used/liked. I'm particularly interested in finding someone who knows the ins and outs of taxes in BK.

    Many thanks!
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