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  • Question on Calculating Medical, Dental and Vision Expenses

    I'm need to list line-by-line my Medical, Dental and Vision Expenses for the Means Tests Chapter 7.

    Things like new contacts, glasses and co-pays are easy to list, but I had a few questions:

    - If I spent $1,000 last year on medical out of pocket, but only spent $100 this...
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  • acro68
    started a topic hospital and doctors - delay of invoices

    hospital and doctors - delay of invoices

    My wife incurred medical expenses a few weeks prior to filing, approx 70K. One of the bills was included in the Chapter 7 filing, approx 33K; however, the hospital and doctors are refraining to send any further invoices. What should I do, withdrawal and then refile chapter 7? Is there a 2-month wait...
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  • Some things I learned from the lawyer I interviewed today...

    So, I went to my second lawyer today. I certainly liked him better than the first guy! Anyway, here are a few interesting tidbits that I learned from him (and am mulling over):

    1.) In our district (Eastern CA), we are allowed to use our mortgage payments on the means test EVEN IF WE...
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  • Congress considers a bill that could help your credit report

    Lynnette Khalfani-Cox
    Oct 1st 2010

    Filed under: Credit, Debt, Credit Reports, Insurance - Health Insurance

    Congress is weighing a new bill that would keep medical debt from wreaking havoc on millions of consumers' credit ratings.

    On Wednesday, the...
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  • Chapter 11 and Medical Malpractice

    I am currently pursuing a malpractice claim, after my attorney sent the notice of intent to sue, we recieved a letter informing us that the medical office has filed chapter 11 about a month after the incident in question. Does chapter 11 affect my law suit?
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  • medical/dental payments in 90 days prior to filing


    I'm in my 90 day period before my bankruptcy filing in May.
    I have $650 alloted on my J schedule for medical/dental/prescriptions - all totally legitimate as there's a lot wrong with me.

    Here's my question: in the 90 days before filing, my lawyer has told me...
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  • question about medical expenses pre- and post-filing

    I've sort of asked this question in another thread, but want to be very specific about it here. I have a medical condition that results in chronic, disabling pain. A year ago I sought expensive treatment from a specialist (all out of pocket) and started feeling better for the first time in years....
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  • backontrackOH
    started a topic Waiting is driving me crazy! To file or not?

    Waiting is driving me crazy! To file or not?

    My wife has cancer. She was diagnosed in July, 2006. I closed my business of 24 years in December, 2006. We surrendered our home to foreclosure and moved out in October, 2007. We filed a Chapter 13 in September 2007, were delayed due to inaccurate paperwork, and days later my father-in-law died leaving
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