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  • dlinid
    started a topic My Payment got Lost!

    My Payment got Lost!

    I am in a 60 month 13, paid 52 mos so far. I sent my payment as usual, and it got lost. I called the trustees office(I speak to them, and its ok with them and my attorney), and they said I would have to find a way to make it up. It was a cashiers check and the bank will not stop payment for 90 days....
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  • 'Flopping' - a new type of scam in the housing market

    May. 10, 2011

    Although reports of mortgage fraud nationally fell 41 percent in 2010 from 2009, the continuing downturn in the housing market has fostered new ways of perpetrating it, experts say.

    Consider "flopping" - the intentional misrepresentation of housing...
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  • BobMango
    started a topic The end of credit cards is coming

    The end of credit cards is coming

    January 24, 2011

    Credit cards may soon be as outdated as vinyl records. (Remember those?) And this is the year that the slow, steady march to oblivion begins.

    You can already use your iPhone, Droid or BlackBerry to buy a hotdog at the ballgame, buy your Starbucks latté, or...
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  • How long does it take for the trustee to start paying creditors???

    I have been confirmed now for 45 days.... I have made 6 months of payments... the funds are just sitting.... doing nothing.... not even earning any interest...

    How long does it usually take for the trustee to start making payments?
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  • pittsburgh
    started a topic chapter 13 under median income

    chapter 13 under median income

    I'm a new poster, have not yet filed, but have been researching BK for a year. Credit card debt is approx $75,000. We have an atty who we are not comfortable with (he makes no suggestions, doesn't discuss options... seems more like a clerk handling the paperwork). We've already paid his $2300 fee...
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  • Increase in payment at confirmation and car question

    Question - we had our 341 and it went ok on 7/22. Right after that, the Trustee filed a motion to dismiss saying we were not paying all disposable income. Technically, she is right since we surrendered a car. I re-did Schedule I and J per my attorney's request since my H now has a full-time salaried...
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  • smaring
    started a topic WARNING: DON'T try to pay it off early!!!

    WARNING: DON'T try to pay it off early!!!

    I passed the means test down here in the middle district of Florida and was approved for a CH13 plan that had me paying back about 30% of my revolving credit card debt balances over 5 years.

    When I went into the CH13, the laws suggested that it was acceptable to pay off the balance of...
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  • 80/20 Mortgage--Why is 1 Bank Listed and 1 Not?

    Hello. Prior to filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy three years ago, I purchased a house with an 80/20 loan. I was told that the "80" loan was typical mortgage loan while the "20" was more of a home equity style loan. Anyway, I guess I never really paid much attention to the loan types....
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