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  • Negotiations with the Trustee?

    During my Ch 7 ordeal, the Trustee seems to go for every penny he can get from me. I already gave him $800, he still wants around $1,800 more for different reasons.

    News flash: I'm broke! I'm barely making it paycheck to paycheck! Hellooo!!

    Is there any way to pay...
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  • nichole04
    started a topic settled 2nd mortgage

    settled 2nd mortgage

    Hi all, I just wanted to let you know that I successfully settled my 2nd mortgages. I received my chapter 7 discharge in July and contacted my mortgage servicers in August about settling. I filed my chapter 7 in April and was current on all mortgages when I filed. I then stopped paying the seconds...
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  • DONE! - My crazy 13 month BK journey! (LONG POST - but worth it)

    Howdy! It has been a while since I have checked into the BKForum, which seems odd since I was literally on this site all the time from November 2009 - September 2010. Funny how things change so quickly. I wanted to give an update on how everything worked out for my wife and I, and to thank all of...
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  • captain131
    started a topic Malpractice during Settlement Process??

    Malpractice during Settlement Process??

    Folks - please take a quick look at the thread below (read from bottom up). I've edited it to disguise the attorney names. This thread is an email conversation b/w My Attorney and Defendant Attorney. It was part of a larger email conversation I was having with My Attorney. I don't think some of...
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  • Bobacus
    started a topic Advice with GMAC settlement offer

    Advice with GMAC settlement offer

    Currently in Chapter 13 and have been offered a settlement offer by GMAC for $18,600 on a mortgage on appx. $71,000. Per letter from GMAC:

    After a careful review of certain information, we have elected to accept $18,600.00 in
    certified funds as full and final satisfaction of your...
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  • nc73
    started a topic Sallie Mae update

    Sallie Mae update

    So I was trying to get a settlement from Sallie Mae after BK but that wasn't possible as the loan was transferred after my chapter 7 discharge. In any case Allied Interstate called wanting their money. I said sure just send me a settlement letter. They said it was sent 30 days ago to my Texas address....
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  • Best Strategy to Pay off Chase Student Loan

    I am currently awaiting discharge of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I know that student loans are not dischargable. I have a Chase Student Loan that I will need to start paying on once the BK is discharged.

    These are the facts:

    1. It is Charged Off
    2. I received...
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  • Batiatus
    started a topic Chapter 7 Student loan

    Chapter 7 Student loan

    Believe that Private student loans were dischargeable before. I'm not sure if my private loans qualify since they are disburse in 2004 and 2005. I filed without an attorney and also filed an adversary proceeding for my student loan. My Private loan would like to settle at $20K and my federal loan they...
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  • nc73
    started a topic Does Sallie Mae settle for less than full amount?

    Does Sallie Mae settle for less than full amount?

    Anyone know for sure? I've heard of some getting an offer for a lot less than the full amount. I haven't paid them in over 2 years and it didn't even show as defaulted. It only said delinquent before going into BK.
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  • not all my debt is on my credit

    hello everyone , i am considering filing Bk i had already found an attorney tfor the process. what i am unsure on is if filing this black is the right thing to di. barely any dischargable. 38k in debt only .5.6k to 7k appear on,ny credit report 75% of that is can not be discharged. .l(court fines...
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  • RickyC
    started a topic Chances of settling second

    Chances of settling second

    We are in the middle of chapter 7 and will have a discharge toward summer.We owe approx. 200,000 on the first and the lender seems willing to agree to forebearance which is what we would need. The amount on the second is approx. 210,000 but the house is worth around 250,000.If the second wanted to foreclose...
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  • olegbro
    started a topic alternatives to BK13

    alternatives to BK13

    After talking to couple BK attorneys, looks like I am not passing means test for chapter 7 due to high income. The only option is chapter 13.

    I have $80K in CC debt (accumulated due to failed RE venture) and a house in Illinois (we live in CA for last 3 years). House is worth about $500K...
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  • 3 months away from filing - should I try settling w/ CC's first?

    Hi - I have searched the forums, and haven't quite found this question here...

    I am preparing to file Ch 13 (can't file Ch 7 due to income). I am planning on waiting about 3 months to save for attorney's fees and get everything in order.

    Here's my question. Most of my debt...
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  • Settlement Question - Settle big part of my debt and BK the rest?

    Hi All,

    I am being offered a payoff of $14,500 on a debt of $114,000 without further recourse from one bank, who I carry the most debt with.

    All of this debt was a cash advance. None of the money is left. Spent on my business that failed.

    I have about $265,000...
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  • Settlement 1099 foregiveness part of Stimulus Package?

    I have about $250,000 in credit card debt.

    Bank of America offered to settle $114,000 in debt for $12,750.

    All other creditors want to work with me except for Discover and Capital One.

    I could borrow money to settle for about 25 cents on the dollar, BUT I...
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