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  • Student Loans: “When You’re in a Hole, Stop Digging,” Appeals Court Agrees

    "The Eighth Circuit Bankruptcy Appellate Panel upheld a lower court’s ruling discharging $204,525.00 in student loans, despite the lender’s argument that the debtor could have continued her education and sought higher-paying employment as a chiropractor.

    Shaffer v. U.S Department...
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  • A Lesson in Freedoms – 4th of July 2011: The Register Makes New Findings on an .....

    July 4, 2011

    A Lesson in Freedoms – 4th of July 2011: The Register Makes New Findings on an Old Problem

    The Register publishes very controversial study comparing Civil War era slavery with Student Loan default – but justifies this study due to recent alarmingly sharp increases...
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  • Update on Legislation to Allow Discharge of Private Student Loans

    This coming week will be the last week that the 111th Congress will be in session. Once Congress adjourns, the next time our lawmakers gather together in Washington, it will be to form a new Congress, meaning that all legislation that failed to pass the current Congress will cease to exist. That would...
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  • Post-BK7 + Loans Owed Directly to School + Transcripts

    From what I understand, money owed directly to the school (without federally backed loans) ARE dischargeable in Chapter 7. The school disagrees, and tells me that the amount owed is not dischargeable via bankruptcy. They sent a collection agency after me (post-BK7). I sent a cease + desist letter to...
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  • trigabyte1
    started a topic BK while in college

    BK while in college


    I am a non traditional college student (work full time) planning to file Chp 7 pro se.

    I have a balance to my college of about $650 after this semester. This is a balance in excess of any financial aid received. This is not a return of aid.

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