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  • tomorrow
    started a topic Private Student Loan sold to collector

    Private Student Loan sold to collector

    I'm about to file for bk, but wasnt going to attempt my private student loan. However, the loan is now sold to a collection agency and closed at the student loan co. Does this make it any easier to get discharged? At this point, wouldn't the fight just be against the collections agency and not the loan...
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  • Dealing with Key Bank after Ch 7- negotiate vs waiting for garnishment

    I'll try to make this short. My husband has an over $120,000 private education loan with Key Bank . Our Chapter 7 was discharged in July. He is now getting calls from Key Bank- they just ask him to call. We want to have our ducks in a row before we call. Has anyone had success negotiating a payment...
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  • A Lesson in Freedoms – 4th of July 2011: The Register Makes New Findings on an .....

    July 4, 2011

    A Lesson in Freedoms – 4th of July 2011: The Register Makes New Findings on an Old Problem

    The Register publishes very controversial study comparing Civil War era slavery with Student Loan default – but justifies this study due to recent alarmingly sharp increases...
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  • red33
    started a topic Really off the hook for co-signed loan?

    Really off the hook for co-signed loan?

    Hi... hoping someone else can tell me for sure if I am really in the clear now.

    I cosigned a $10,000 "education loan" for my son in 1998 with Wells Fargo Education Financial Services. After ten years he essentially refused to pay it any longer since he decided he did not like...
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  • chaiserpup
    started a topic Federal Student Loans

    Federal Student Loans

    Hello First timer, out of WA State.

    So doing my first, and last BK 7.

    Are Federal and Private Student Loans considered consumer debt loans ?
    And do I list these under Schedule-E Creditors Holding Unsecured Priority Claims or
    Schedule-F Creditors Holding...
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  • Private Student Loan CONFUSION-- HELP ME PLEASE

    I’m confused about when a private student loan can be included in bankruptcy. I tried reading the threads but don't understand the rules/law. I’d welcome any help.

    Does anyone here know how to tell whether a student loan is private? If it is private, how do you know if it’s one...
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  • What happens to student loan disbursements (in TN)

    I'm a grad student and will receive several grand next semester, mid-Jan, left over from my student loans. In the past, these leftovers have kept me afloat. I will receive it in Jan, and again in May before it stops. What happens to this money in a BK, both 7 and 13? Is it better to file after receiving...
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  • Can filing stop Treasury Offset for student loan and TSP withdraw?

    Greetings all,

    I have 2 federal debts - Back taxes and a student loan. Both of them have enlisted help from the "TOP" (federal Treasury Offset Program). I have read that Department of Education and/or the loan lender have to cease collection efforts while my Chapter 7 case is...
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  • Paul Hupp Student Loan Rant, filed with 9th Circuit

    I don't have time to search for it, but if you can, track down this Notice of Appeal

    9th Circuit Court of Appeals
    Case Number 08-56403
    Petitioner Paul Hupp
    Filed 6/21/10
    Find and read the Petition for Rehearing, it is hilarious and describes the frustration with...
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  • When will student loans be collected after discharge?

    I used to have monthly student loans payments taken out of my checking account on the first of every month. They stopped doing that 2 months ago when I filed bk. I wonder when will the student loans start being collected again after discharge. Any idea / experience?
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  • wonderingrov
    started a topic Good news on my student loan (Citibank)

    Good news on my student loan (Citibank)

    I had one student loan through Citibank that I had been worried about going into my bankruptcy, due to some of the horror stories I have heard about them defaulting people and having collection agencies demand payment in full. I had discussed the issue with them during my bankruptcy, and found out...
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  • proper pay procedure for student loan settlement

    Lcs financial has offered to settle a student loan on behalf of arrowwood indemnity for the principal balance of the loan. What is the proper way to pay this settlement offer. The letter sent to me says, I can wire the money to LCS or send a cashiers check? I just want to make sure I have proper tracking...
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  • Student loan - collection agency (post-discharge)

    I have a student loan through my school (a public University) that I owed a small amount on prior to filing BK (ch7) last year. About 2 months post-discharge I received a regular statement from the school and responded by paying 1/3 of the total balance. I never heard anything else from the school...
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  • Best Strategy to Pay off Chase Student Loan

    I am currently awaiting discharge of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. I know that student loans are not dischargable. I have a Chase Student Loan that I will need to start paying on once the BK is discharged.

    These are the facts:

    1. It is Charged Off
    2. I received...
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  • mijd
    started a topic Student Loan Co-signer and BK

    Student Loan Co-signer and BK

    I'm sure this questions may have been asked before, so please forgive me in advance. Like an idiot I co-signed on a student loan for my nephew two years ago. He has been in the repayment mode now for almost a year. I understand the SL is not dischargeable but it was listed on my BK.
    I'm curious...
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