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  • Digging Deeper Into What Caused Job Losses

    May 18, 2011

    Census Bureau data on employment by pay level cast doubt on credit-crunch and demand-based theories of the recession. One theory is that a credit squeeze left businesses short on funds, and they responded by cutting payroll, their major expense. Indeed, the bank bailouts...
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  • Unemployment Tax Adversary Proceeding against Responsible Person

    I filed a Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy at the beginning of last year which was discharged in the spring of last year. Before the discharge was finalized the California EDD filed an adversary proceeding against me for unemployment insurance taxes which were due from a company I was an executive officer...
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  • New Unemployment Bill For 99'ers Introduced

    December 20, 2010

    Democratic Reps. Barbara Lee (Calif.) and Bobby Scott (Va.) introduced legislation Friday that would provide additional assistance to "99ers" — people who've exhausted 99 weeks of unemployment benefits without finding work.

    "The economic...
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  • New Developments on Federal Unemployment Extensions


    The U.S. Senate has approved a sweeping tax package that includes a reauthorization of federal unemployment extension benefits. The legislation now moves to the U.S House of Representatives for consideration and vote. In anticipation of eventual approval, the Employment...
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  • ifucan
    started a topic Unemployment Benefits

    Unemployment Benefits

    Wife and I had to finally bite the bullet and go to local DSS office and
    file for medicaid,food stamps,etc. While there our case worker told my wife
    it appeared she was eligible for unemployment. Ok great, that would help
    immensely while we are looking for work. So she filed and...
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  • Unemployment Extension PASSED!!!!!!! so did extended TAX cuts!!! dh just heard it on the news!!!!!!!!!

    YES!!! the extension for unemployment just passed for another 13 months!!!!!!!

    and both tax cuts stayed in place...for the middle class and those making over 250k....whoooopppeee!!!

    but i'd still rather...
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  • Tier 5 unemployment extension legislation not likely for jobless


    The U.S. unemployment rate remains frozen at 9.6%, job creation is still anemic, and for the week-ending October 30 new unemployment claims for the week jumped 20,000 to 457,000. The next week, the economy unexpectedly created more jobs than anticipated, yet the roller coaster...
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  • mrskal
    started a topic Question about Unemployment benefits

    Question about Unemployment benefits

    I just filed for unemployment in Illinois where I have lived and worked my whole life. I am moving to Florida next month, do I still get the benefits until I start working again? I have my own business, that I will start up again once I am there, but may not see any income for a bit. Most of what I...
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  • kenshirley
    started a topic Unemployment Discussion

    Unemployment Discussion

    They just announced on CNN that the unemployed are now at 10.2% nationwide.
    And the fat lady isn't warming up either.
    It's not over yet folks!
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