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Getting Denied For New Car Lease

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    Getting Denied For New Car Lease

    I was discharged in June 2014, I didn't include my current car lease in the bankruptcy. I also reaffirmed by lease with the company (recently found out that they never processed that on their end). This is currently being handled by my lawyer and them.

    I found this out because my lease is up in November, and I need a bigger car (another family member is coming), and I got denied by my current car company for a new lease. I made all my payments (never late) throughout the BK process. My lawyer told me that doing all this, I shouldn't have a problem getting a new lease. Well they were wrong. I was denied and the reasons on the denial were "Past Credit History" and "Previous Bankruptcy"..... Although I made all my payments on every account I had up until I filed for BK.

    I'm worried that come November, I'm going to get denied in either attempting to extend my lease or buy the car I'm currently leasing because of the bankruptcy. In turn being left with no car whatsoever.

    Looking for some advice or if anyone shared an experience and if they found a solution to it

    No bankruptcy lawyer can tell you for sure whether a particular company will approve a lease after bankruptcy. Different companies have different standards. Have you tried applying for a lease elsewhere? If you can't get a lease, you may have better luck with a purchase, even if it isn't under the best terms. It is very common for people to get car loans soon after being discharged from BK.
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