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Any BK Friendly Car Loans out there (w/ decent rates)?

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    Any BK Friendly Car Loans out there (w/ decent rates)?

    Hi guys!!

    I am a brand newbie here! So here's my little thing, that I hope I can get some guidance on...

    I was recently discharged for Ch7 in Nov 2019. I had reaffirmed my car, and my husband did not. He now wants to get another car (one that is more affordable). We have currently been making payments, I'm not sure how to transition from getting rid of his current car and getting a new one. (To be honest, i'm just scared of missing a payment LOL).

    I know that I should def get a new car first and then stop making payments and/or surrendering the old car to the creditor.. I'm just worried if he will even get a decent deal on a car loan.. I'm not sure if i should have him wait until at least he's in his 600's to try getting a car loan... or should i answer to the millions of flyers and mail that we get daily.. ?

    His score right now is so much lower (550s) since he does not have any loans or credit on his account. Mine was actually decent because i reaffirmed my car and my student debts brought my score way up, which is in the 660's range..

    Has anyone had a decent auto loan rate right after filing BK? From which company? I really want to take each financial step with caution, as I plan on getting a house in 2 years.. or at least the soonest that I can qualify..

    Thank you!

    You reaffirmed your vehicle but now want to surrender the vehicle? I don't think you'll be able to rescinding your reaffirmation and any surrender at this point will be a repossession. A repossession will truly hurt your auto-enhanced FICO score. If you want to buy a home in two years, you don't want that repossession either. (Although I don't know the impact after 2 years... likely not as much but your score will stay lower.)

    Usually, after discharge, you'll be mailed and inundated with many offers for vehicles. If you just want to see if you pre-qualify, I suggest going to Roadloans first and then Capital One Auto. Each has a "pre-qualification" application.

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    Status: (Auto) Discharged and Closed! 5/10
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    I am not an attorney. Any advice provided is not legal advice.


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