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  • justbroke
    No one can explain why this happens. A creditor is not required to report your history with any credit bureau; the only laws cover accuracy of anything which is reported. Many creditors are afraid of post-discharge issues with reporting discharged debt. All you can do is ask them to report. If you get to the right department, which directly handles bankruptcy reporting, you may be able to convince them to report if your attorney sends a letter absolving them from any "permanent discharge injunction" violations.

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  • mavric
    started a topic Not reporting

    Not reporting

    1 We did a HARP refi with 8 months[may 2016] to go in ch13 . Mortgage is with Quicken loans.
    All payments made on time,never late.

    Mortgage reports to all 3 CB's , But Quicken never updated payment history on Equifax ,Have TU/EX payment history, Reports to all 3 on DW reports just fine.

    So after discharge I pull all 3 credit reports. Quicken has closed my loan on Equifax and never reported any history.

    I called Quicken and they say that because of the ch13 Quicken does not have to report . But they did on TU/EX and all 3 of DW reports.

    Quicken was never part of the CH13! This is a new loan, Have had 4-5 phone calls and they still say the same thing. This is hurting my credit score on EQ .

    Why would Quicken not report on just Equifax, and TU/EX are fine? and why would they close it ?

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