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Mortgage fees/etc at the END of a Ch 13, and future new Mortgage

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    Question Mortgage fees/etc at the END of a Ch 13, and future new Mortgage

    100% paid Ch 13. I've been logging into NDC and keeping an eye on things. Knew I would be done about 3 months early with all the payments (5 year plan). Made the last payment last month. 5 years is up in May '24. Be nice to have the Discharge here shortly...but....a question arose...

    A couple of questions (and, yes, I let the Attorney know, so he may have the same or different answers, but he's a very busy guy and I'm only sending an email for now. Found this website and thought I'd ask here too):

    My Mortgage company has this on every month's statement that I can access. Sadly I can't go back to the beginning of the Ch 13 to check everything:


    Still can't figure out where the $3336.74 came from. I'm up to date on the Mortgage, at one point in the Ch 13, I fell behind, but there was a stipulation on how to catch up, including their fees, which was fully done. The Trustee filed a form 4100N 'Notice of Final Cure Payment' to Mortgage Company from the Trustee (they have 21 days to contest the amount). Shows the $17252.02 paid for their claim (and the dates paid in 2020/2021). Can we (my Attorney) contest the $3336.74 if they make a claim on it since we don't know where it came from? Just to be safe, I'm going to throw the last 3 budgeted payments into savings (more than that $3.3k) to be safe in case I do have to pay it.

    Mortgage is fully current.

    On to the Future:

    The house wasn't 'foreclosed' on (technically). Nothing was filed with the local courts (notice was sent by the Mortgage holder's attorney of the 'right to cure (I think was the term), but nothing filed with the I filed the Ch 13 because it would have been done fairly quickly.

    Will that effect my getting a future mortgage (in 1-2 years)? There's a divorce that's going to be involved...wife contributed nothing both before and during the Chapter 13, despite having a reasonably good job, etc. Takes 2 to tango, so I'm sure some of the fault is mine, but it's over and done. File for Divorce, force the sale of the current house (I'm working out of the area in a much cheaper cost of living area, wife couldn't afford the house and couldn't (won't even pay on a $300 Credit One bank Visa) be able to qualify for any kind of a Refinance to get me off the Mortgage). Should have well over 20% (and even as much as 50%+) down on a new home here once we split the equity, if that makes any kind of a difference.

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