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Why isn't wife getting approved?

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    Why isn't wife getting approved?

    Good morning, all -

    It's been a little while since posting here for me but I have had an issue come up that I am curious about. We were discharged over a year ago under a jointly filed ch 7 and are just now trying to start reestablishing some credit. Recently we tried to apply jointly for a car loan through capital one but were not approved. However I did go back and reapply individually and got approved for 35,000. Same happened with a c/c application. I seem to be getting approved but she isn't. Anyone have any idea why this would be. My guess is because she isn't pulling in any income right now but I'm not 100 percent certain. She has applied for a couple of c/c's on her own and keeps getting denied. Anybody have any incite to what is going on? Thanks.

    If you haven't pulled all three credit reports and scores, then you will not know. Usually, the creditor will provide you with an adverse action letter which describes the reasons. It could be many issues including, but not limited to, old accounts still showing as open with 90-120+ days late, the bankruptcy not marked as discharged/closed, or old accounts not marked as IIB (included in bankruptcy) with a balance of $0 and no payment history. Could even be that there are no trade lines on her reports so she isn't even generating a score.

    I would at least do a free credit report but I recommend doing a tri-bureau report with score just for her (MyFico). It's a little expensive ($50+) but maybe you can see the reasons if they are not shown on the adverse actions letters.
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