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Had my 341 on 2/7!


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    Had my 341 on 2/7!

    Hi, all! Just wanted to share my 341 story -

    I found a very good attorney to take my case. It was pretty simple, I'm a single woman with no assets, apartment renter, no property beyond a car I'm reaffirming.

    Before my meeting I checked these forums and studied up on how to get to the building where the hearing would be. The link to the trustee handbook that's in one of the threads here helped a LOT. I also went over the paperwork my attorney sent me and asked him a lot of questions. Most of the time he said the trustee wouldn't ask about the things I was worried about (and he was right).

    I got there very early and went to the meeting room. There were a LOT of people there, it's a regional bankruptcy court that services the entire area. There was one large outer room partially divided by a half wall dividing it into two smaller waiting areas, and around the perimeter of the room were five hearing rooms for the various trustees. I found my trustee's name and where my case was listed, then sat down in the waiting area to watch for my attorney.

    He got there and we went into one of the small private conference rooms where we went over what the trustee would ask me, which were all very basic questions. He advised me to answer only Yes and No without details. He had another client who'd be going first, so he asked me to go wait in the trustee's room and watch the other cases while he waited for his other client.

    I went into the trustee's room. There was a large desk at the front where the trustee was talking to a man and his attorney, about four rows of chairs in front of the desk, and a row of chairs on either side of the room. It was about 3/4 full with clients and their attorneys and people went in and out all the time.

    I was really happy that I got a chance to watch the trustee going through the other cases because it let me see how it would go. He had a list of the same questions that he'd just rattle off, with a few changes depending on the case. By the time he got to me I knew what he was going to ask.

    It went VERY quickly, and it was done before I knew it! Then my attorney and I left the room and he said my debts would be discharged in 60 days.

    My advice to those waiting for their 341:

    I know it's hard, but try not to worry!!! As long as you're prepared, you'll be fine. None of the things I worried he was going to ask me actually happened.

    There's a link in another thread to the trustee's handbook of questions. Check it out and you'll know what to expect. They really are a lot of Yes and No questions. He or she might ask a few more detailed questions but for the most part they just want to get it done quickly so they can move on to the next case.

    Ask your attorney any and every question you have. It's part of his or her job to get you through this quickly and smoothly.

    Make sure you have all your assets, bank accounts, and property listed! I saw a few people get tripped up because they'd left out bank accounts they neglected to list or cars they still owned.

    Don't think you can lie or sneak anything past the trustee. They know what to look for and you won't get away with hiding anything. My trustee was a nice guy but he was very firm with people if he thought they weren't being honest.

    Be prepared to walk out of the room thinking "All that worrying for nothing!"

    Good luck!!

    Woo hoo! Glad it went OK!!



      They were running late, I was scheduled for 10:30 but didn't go until almost 11:00.

      Four of the people whose names he called didn't show up so he said their cases would be "recalled" and set them aside. Not sure if they're going to get another chance or not...


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