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Under 30 Days left!!

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    Under 30 Days left!!

    Well, all is on track to finish this beast in 30 days - but of course there was one new twist added to my case about a month or so ago and I am hoping it doesn't come back to bite me.

    My lawyer emailed me and told me he was retiring effective immediately and before he can retire, he must get rid of all of his open cases, so he pawned me off on a lawyer from a neighboring town.

    Is this sort of thing in anyway common practice?

    He prepared forms for me to sign acknowledging my approval of the move - but I paid all my money to him - so this new lawyer literally has no incentive to do much for me - if any issues arise here at the end.

    I have had very little correspondence with the replacement attorney - I realize so close to the end, there likely isn't a lot left for an attorney to do, but I am a little anxious now about that.

    So what all is left that I will need this new attorney for - or can I just pretty much work through the trustee on my own at this point by making final payment etc?

    Yes, very common under the professional standards. This happens when an attorney leaves the practice for many reasons including, but not limited to, untimely death and disbarment.
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