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Casino win in chapter 13

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    Casino win in chapter 13

    I’m about 1 year into my 5 year plan. I never miss a payment, have turned over my tax refund, provided all they have asked and keep my head down. I went on a small trip with some friends that was paid for by them. I don’t really do much, I don’t have many hobbies and have been able to save quite a bit over the last year. Long story short I took a small amount of money to the casino and won $1,300. I had to do paperwork on it, so it will be on my tax return next year.

    Will the trustee notice? Should I report this to my lawyer? Will he file to dismiss my case for this. I honestly don’t go often, I just got incredibly lucky and regret it now that I’m worried about this and won’t go back any time soon.

    Thanks in advance.

    They probably won't notice. If you're required to send in a copy of your tax return and surrender any refund, then the Trustee will have ample opportunity to see the additional income. I don't see why any Chapter 13 Trustee would move to dismiss a bankruptcy case over a (relatively) small winning at the casino. You can always ask your attorney, but they'll probably say that it's a small amount and a one-time thing.

    Just don't make a habit of going to the casino and you'll be fine!
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      I feel better calling and asking the attorney. $1300 might not be enough to worry about. We came into money that was just under $1,000 and the attorney office said, "that's nothing." To me it was HUGE. We were also paying 100% plan so that also makes it less likely for them to want it.

      I think my husband and I are the only people in our county that haven't been to the casino LOL!

      The casino topic made me smile because while we were in debt which lead to BK and then in BK we have a fairly new casino in town. I never wanted to go there because first we had debt and couldn't afford it and then when in BK I thought with my luck I will win a ridiculous amount and then have to turn it over! Granted it would help end BK sooner, but I didn't want to even deal with it! Even when our church has it's yearly $10,000 raffle and ask each person to sell 10 tickets I put all the tickets in my daughter's name and even though I paid if she won I would have let her have all the money because she had expenses like student loans.
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        Most likely $1300 will not even register in the trustee's radar. My lawyer said my trustee only notices increase in income of over 5%. But as always ask your lawyer


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