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5 Years After Chapter 13 Discharge - Informational Note to All

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    5 Years After Chapter 13 Discharge - Informational Note to All

    Here is some good information for those of you in Chapter 13:

    Realize that there are definately lenders out there that will never ever offer you credit again if you include them in your filing. You will not know who they may be until you apply for a car loan or credit to any store, etc. that may be associated with them. Realize that why things get better with time, your filing never ever really goes away.
    Filed 5 Year Chapter 13: April 2002
    Early Buy-Out: April 2006
    Discharge: August 2006

    "A credit card is a snake in your pocket"

    As someone near the end of my 2nd bankruptcy, I can tell you that it is just as easy to get into debt after bankruptcy as it was before. I am so pro-bankruptcy that two of my sons followed in old Dad's footsteps. Within 2 months of their Chapter 7 discharges, they both had credit cards and were driving brand new vehicles.

    It's no different after Chapter 13. Your best bet is to look for ways to avoid needing credit in a post-13 situation. As for me - I don't need credit any more. I am in my mid-60's and already have everything I need - except enough time to get back into serious debt.


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