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    When will wells fargo come get my vehicle after a chapter 7 discharge

    First, welcome to BKForum. I moved your question to this area of the site since you asking about Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

    There is no way to tell when Wells Fargo would come and repossess a vehicle that you are surrendering in a Chapter 7. If Wells has filed a motion for relief from the automatic stay (RFS) they may be able to repossess it earlier than the discharge date. What did you list on your Statement of Intentions regarding the vehicle?

    The reason I say that there is no way to tell, is that Wells is not "required" to repossess the vehicle and they can do it on their own terms. If you did select to surrender the vehicle, it's best to clean out all your personal items so that it's ready to go. While Wells may not talk to you, their bankruptcy department may work with you to arrange the pickup of the vehicle.

    So, the short answer is that they could come before the discharge (RFS was granted), they could come within "days" after the discharge, or they could entirely forget and it takes weeks. There is just no way to give a definitive answer.
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