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question about means test

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  • tcreegan
    Hi unkelaaron,

    Most interpretations of the means-test use a "snapshot" approach: what are you supposed to be paying right now.

    Later in the paperwork you will fill out Schedules I & J, these will have what you will be paying after the BK. ("forward looking")

    Of course you would think these things would be fixed, but they do get interpretted differently in different courts. they say..."your mileage may vary"

    Tom in Colo

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  • unkelaaron
    started a topic question about means test

    question about means test

    HI gang
    Trying to complete my means test to see if I qualify for a ch 7. I'm a little confused about line 42, futurepayments on secured claims. For property securing the debt, do I put my current 1st and 2nd mortgage? What if we plan on foreclosure after the BK?
    I assume under Vehicle 1, I put my truck payment. As of right now, I plan on keeping that.

    Also, what do I do with line 43?
    Sorry, just confused and I think I am going to be pretty tight with the test, just want to make sure I am doing it right.

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