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Lien on home?

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    Lien on home?

    I am still trying to decide on whether to file bankruptcy or just stop paying and settle debts over time. My question is....if I live in Kansas and my home is protected under the Kansas Homestead Exemption, does that mean that none of my creditors (all unsecured and range from $4150 to $500) can put a lien on my home? How likely would they be to do it if they could since the debts are individually in such small amounts? The equity in my home is really low and I am current on my mortgage.

    Personally, I wouldn't take chances with judgment liens being filed if I owned "any" property (real or personal). The question always becomes whether you are "collection proof" since there is no such thing as being "judgement proof". It also appears, from my menial research specifically on Kansas, that a judgment lien could be attached to real property which could cause you grief when attempting to refinance or sell your home.

    Of course you could attempt to settle but what if a creditor won't settle for less than the full amount?

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