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List of federal English?

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    List of federal English?

    Does anyone have a link to the federal English. I understand the amounts were increased in 2010...current English translation would be great.

    It seems that I can use the federal exemptions. Under the residency requirements.....I have Pennsylvania as the state I must go to...and they allow me to choose the federal exemptions. Crazy, stuff. I have not been here for the full 2 years...only 19 months. Prior to this I was in Delaware for just 2 months. Prior to that I was in Pennsylvania for 5 months, before that I was 2 months in Florida. So..since I was in PA for the majority of the 6 months before's PA.

    Some states allow you to use the federal bankruptcy exemptions rather than your state's exemptions. Find out if you can use the federal exemptions and what property

    A Google search works wonders. It will often include links to the above site.
    LadyInTheRed is in the black!
    Filed Chap 13 April 2010. Discharged May 2015.
    $143,000 in debt discharged for $36,500, including attorneys fees. Money well spent!


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