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Personal Property Difficult!

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    Personal Property Difficult!

    I put together a sheet of all major items in have in my house (1500 sq ft)
    Everything is old, so I went to Craigslist and was able to get some prices for a tiny amount of objects, but not all.

    The total came to $1915. A lot of the property cannot be priced. Most items were purchased as far back as 1988 (an airless sprayer) to 2008 (dishwasher).

    Question: Is the trustee going to get picky? Should I include pictures with my itemized sheet?

    The problem is that, having four cats and one dog, just about all the furniture has scratches and ripped areas. If they took our furniture, they would save us a lot of trouble getting rid of it.

    You're in Florida so the Trustee could get picky. Remember, just use garage-sale pricing. If something is 20 years old it is probably worthless (unless it contains precious metals or is collectible); I generally price "worthless" things as $5 at a garage sale. A 2008 dishwasher is worth something; what would you pay at a garage-sale... $50?

    The real question is going to be whether you're claiming a homestead, otherwise you only have $1,000 in personal property exemption (in Florida).
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