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Answering phone calls

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    Answering phone calls

    Just wondering how long you all that walked waited before you talked to the banks. We're not even 3 months out and the calls are coming in like gang-busters. We really just want the bank to start foreclosure preceedings, then file and get on with life. Should I chat with them. My temper seems to get the best of me when I talk to those folks. Is there any benefit to talking if I'm not looking for a mod, DIL, short sell, etc..? From what I read it's just paperwork, paperwork.

    Just my opinion? NO. They will run you ragged with lists of docs they want for DIL, loan mods, etc. Then they will typically lose it all, and request new docs. The short sale process is unbelievable and almost a certain failure. I never talked to them except one first call...i think I told them I would get back to them in a few weeks...that was 18 months ago.


      Put the phone on "do not disturb" and call it a day...let the cards fall where they may.

      When they *really* have something to say to you, it will come via certified mail, process server, sheriff's deputy or whatever is the norm in your neck of the woods...

      My $0.02 ONLY...

      Good luck.
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        When I finally quit paying my mortgage(s) I only talked to them once - that was enough for me. I then turned off the ringer and let the answering machine take the calls. Is there a way you can find out the timeline in your state? One of the reasons I finally started thinking about bk was after I saw a foreclosure prevention counselor and she advised me to do that as I was (and still am) unemployed. One of the things she did do was to give me a chart of timelines, how many missed payments before it went to their closure lawyer, then the sheriff's sale, etc. This gave me an indication of the time frame I had to stay in the house.


          actually, we were told by our bank to STOP paying...that we needed to be at least 3 months behind before they would consider us for a loan mod..and during that time we were getting 3-4 calls daily, and then they went down to about once a week,

          so we did what we were told, actually went into Chase and sat with someone that took all our paperwork. and yes, we were one of the rare one's that wasn't missing a thing. so Chase tells us ok it's going to take a few months to process this DO NOT pay...ok. we do as we are told.

          we are in constant contact with's been another 4 months, we go in on a friday to talk to the NEXT wednesday we are served a summons of foreclosure. of course i called and the loan officer says he knows nothing blah blah and MORE blah, one dept. of chase has NO idea what the other is doing.

          we have (in the state) 30 days to answer the summons. we knew of persons that answered the summons and were allowed by the courts since nj was a Judicial state. however, between the months waiting to hear back we lost our jobs, so we called an atty and he said don't even bother to answer it. winter was setting in...we after 33 years was advised to lock and leave it. (we did contact chase, because i couldn't do that).

          sorry to have been so long........but that was OVER 3 years ago...Chase STILL HAS NOT foreclosed!! so, my answer is this, while i have seen this happen in nj and some other states, some of the non- Judicial move much faster on the process. i would check your local sheriff's site. i know our county has one and you can see when the house should go up ...but not all counties have a site like that.

          also, check other foreclosed properties in your area to get the best general idea about the time table.

          best of luck to you!
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